Newsflash: Kansas City Might Not Have Enough Hospital Beds For Worst Case Coronavirus Pandemic Scenario

Newspaper repeats TV report warnings from Italy . . . Here's the story without the paywall or hottie TV news lady . . . Take a look:

KC has enough hospital beds and ventilators to meet needs, but not if things turn bad

Should the worst happen and you're struck down with a severe case of the novel coronavirus, consider yourself fortunate if you live in the Kansas City area. Chances are good that there will be space for you in the intensive care units at most area hospitals and there will be a ventilator available to help you breathe.


  1. The new Lowes Hotel has enough rooms to a create a new hospital.

  2. No city has enough hospital beds for the worst case scenario.

  3. A hotel doesn't make a hospital. The ventilation systems in hospitals are not the ventilation system in hotels. The dysfunction between the states and the counties and the cities and the local government officials will make matters much worse. The fact the current "leader" of the major city "Mayor Selfie" isn't a leader and cannot make decisions isn't going to help.

  4. They didnt have enough hospitals for the Hyatt Skywalk case. That was several hundred. We are going to have several thousand. Yes we ignored healthcare but sure spent billions on the Royals and Chiefs stadiums. Some good they will do you when your sick. And your favorite athelete - you can be sure they get helped and your put on a wait list.


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