Friday, March 13, 2020

Newflash: Kansas City Can't Enforce Laws

The newsies at The Pitch must've just arrived at the train station given their "SHOCK" over laws ignored in Kansas City.

This town has never been big about obeying the rules and the sharing economy is last on the list for enforcement whilst gunfire, the drug trade and a myriad of property crime ramp up on local streets.

Still, the report offers an important look at community impact . . . Checkit:

City worker shortage continues to let Airbnb break the law

Editor's Note: Since 2017, we have been following this disaster of a situation. Our first piece was about how far the city would go to bend laws for these private businesses. Last June, we wrote about how the city was unable or unwilling to enforce ordinances. It's 2020, and the rodeo continues...


  1. You can’t have one city employee without having multiple managers to run the program, in the city you have to have a director, deputy director with secretaries for each one, a division manager with secretary, a project manager and a supervisor with one secretary or admin staff if secretary offends you. Now let’s get into office equipment, you need at least four printer/fax machines because upper management can’t share, two fully stocked walnut desks complete with credenzas and storage, two refrigerators for the directors and one for management and one for staff. Middle management gets twenty year old used desks and the inspector gets a metal clipboard. Computors, let’s just cut to the chase, you get the drift, the inspector gets a flip phone, a cheap camera and a metal clipboard. Vehicles, two brand new full sized awd suv’s for the directors to take home, three slightly used midsized awd suv’s, again, take home vehicles and one 2006 cobalt with 140,000 miles on it that has to be parked in a highly secured fenced in city parking lot for the inspector. it’s not that they can’t afford inspectors......

  2. Oh, I left out the leather furniture and 60” flat screen TVs for the directors!


  3. Quntion Lucas found so many holes in his pockets he just had to cheap out on hiring city workers so he could fix his pockets. I can see the point, think the rest of the residents will see it too?

  4. ^^Blah blah Blah. Do you ever shut up Maude? Nobody really wants to hear anything you have to say, and yet you just keep posting the same shit. Day after day, after day. Give it a rest. You're an insufferable bore.

  5. ^^^One of Chimpy's handful of stock responses. Same tired shit, day after day, really boring. No imagination whatsoever.

  6. Can I get the Airbnb with "maid service" included?

  7. ^^Nah pedo. You're not supposed to be using the interwebs remember?



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