New KCI Artsy Agenda Moves Forward

Turns out it's easier to take meetings about spending money for public art then make progress building during the cold . . . Checkit the latest worthwhile cash update:

KCI Airport Art Project Moves Ahead Led by Public Art Consultant Community Arts International - KC STUDIO

Representatives of the recently chosen public art consultant for the KCI single terminal project introduced themselves and asked for input at a Feb. 3 meeting of the city's Municipal Art Commission. "We are in the process of reaching out," said Elsa Cameron, president and chief curator of Community Arts International (CAI), a San Francisco-based nonprofit.


  1. And dumping Taxpayer's money into the pockets of "Consultants" like this is why there's never enough money to do things right, and why "We Can Never Have Anything Nice".

    How much "expertise" does it take to decorate the inside of a plastic box?

  2. Why did they choose a geezer from San Franshitsco as an art consultant?

  3. The Municipal Arts Commission was ruined by the last group like Kathy Achepohl and David Dowell. The new group isn’t much better. KCI has already hired an excellent art consultant but Dowell was pissed he didn’t get hired. So they fought to waste taxpayer money to hire a second consultant to duplicate efforts. Total waste. MAC needs to be redone again or just done away with. James Martin needs to grow a pair.


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