Monday, March 09, 2020

New Cable Dahmer Arena Debuts

Switcheroo for this B-list event space and sponsorship news that earned MSM mention today . . . Also, one of the best places to see a favorite band from the 80s or 90s. Take a look:

Silverstein Eye Centers Arena to be renamed Cable Dahmer Arena

Silverstein Eye Centers Arena will be renamed to Cable Dahmer Arena after a new multiyear partnership with the automotive group, the city of Independence announced Monday.The deal, approved by Independence Events Center Management Corporation, includes major exterior and interior signage and brand recognition in all advertising for the facility."We, at Cable Dahmer, are honored to take on the sponsorship of Silverstein Eye Centers Arena," Carlos Ledezma, owner/CEO of Cable Dahmer Automotive Group, said."We look forward to sponsoring several community events and supporting the home of the beloved Mavericks and Comets.


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Just wait till the "Medical Marijuana" Industry booms, then it'll be the "Headrush Pot Arena"!

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The Grandview Triangle says:

What a joke. Never should have been named Silverstein. Corporate venue sponsors are wasting their money. Every time the name changes, it dilutes the value. People keep calling it the previous name for years after the change and that's only if they ever stopped calling it The (Independence) Events Center.