Missouri College Student Coronavirus Confirmed After Study Abroad

Guv Parson provides the update and background deets about the infection of a young woman in her 20s who might have contracted the sickness during a study abroad trip . . . Here's the latest:

Gov. Parson announces first Missouri COVID-19 case

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- The office of Governor Mike Parson announced the first confirmed Missouri COVID-19 case. Gov. Parson said a St. Louis County woman in her 20s had traveled to Italy and was tested positive for COVID-19. The woman tested positive at a Mercy hospital in the St.


  1. Hope she is o.k. Too bad liberal, left-wing professors put her at risk requiring a study abroad course. The professors require these courses so they can travel for free to foreign countries they desire to see on the taxpayer and student's dime.

  2. ^^^She’ll be OK. She’s young. Too bad the regressive Republican geezers who support a moron are going to be the ones dying from the disease. Oh well, such is life.

  3. hope she gets will soon. Could you imagine the backward mentality of someone who is against a study abroad program? Really shows how myopic and educated some of the MAGA crowd have become. Book burning can't be too far away.

  4. Study abroad program is great unless you bring back a pandemic disease that wipes everyone out in your community. But hey, it was great experience to eat some authentic Italian pasta while "studying" a broad.

  5. In many cases, those "studying abroad" have absolutely no knowledge of the great country they live in. Maybe legitimate History courses, other than black history only, should be taught. Of course that would not fit nicely into the liberal professor's narrative.

    It is a disgrace when watching a "man on the street" interview folks, particularly college level, who think the WWII was against Mexico etc.

    The recent anniversary of Iwo Jima sadly means nothing to the majority of the "woke" community. So hop on this chimpy, you slimy worthless mouth breather.

  6. I had the privilege to spend a semester in London during college and I have traveled abroad several times since. However, I don’t consider myself closed-minded to think that foreign travel should be postponed until the virus is curtailed. That just seems like common sense.


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