Friday, March 06, 2020


Important glimpse at news and politics from the other side of the State Line. Here's a community pitch and hope for progress:

Mayor says KCK is 'at a crossroads'

by Mary Rupert Mayor David Alvey told residents Thursday that Kansas City, Kansas, is at a crossroads "We're at a time and place where we have an opportunity to choose our future," Mayor Alvey said in a speech at a community meeting Thursday night at the Joe Amayo Argentine Community Center, 2810 Metropolitan Ave., Kansas City, Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Better put the padlocks on your bank accounts and life savings KCK.

Anonymous said...

The 2020s will mark an era when today’s economic and political fantasies are crushed by America’s accumulated due bills.

Anonymous said...

Set sail for the "new" course by having the taxpayers subsidize an amateur baseball team and a new water park!
That's how we'll make up for the past mistakes we've made!