Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Life Lesson: More Kansas City Metro Schools Prep For Close Amid COVID-19 Threat

At this point it's probably not a case of if but when as parents look for ways to provide stability when Coronavirus closes schools. Even worse, locals might want to start thinking about how to feed so many youngsters who rely on KCPS as their only meal of the day.

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More area schools issue statements on coronavirus preparedness

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the Kansas City metro sees its first presumptive-positive case of COVID-19, area schools continue to issue statements about how they plan to keep school safe. Hickman Mills School District is following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines in light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, including having district nurses "monitor student illnesses and review CDC and state health department guidelines."


Anonymous said...

Keep your distance at the bread lines.

Lt said...

One of many cases where missing school might not be too much of a detriment if you consider the lesson plan and the Kansas City public schools having provisional accreditation for at least 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Things are going to get bad in the next couple weeks. Hope you all prepared

Anonymous said...

Remember...the Chinese Commie Atheist brought this to the world, and made it worse by lying about the outbreak.

Can the Kansas City Atheist Coalition continue to support those swine?

Anonymous said...

If you drink a shot of whiskey every couple of hours it will kill about any virus. Unless you are a hipster pussy.