Legacy Of Discrimination Allegations Confront Kansas City VA Hospital

Nearly two dozen accusers come forward to describe tragic another sad situation facing an embattled institution. Read more:

Former, current Kansas City VA Hospital employees speak out on years of alleged racial discrimination

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Racial discrimination complaints are piling up against the Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center. More than 20 employees, both past and present, are claiming what they describe as years of discrimination, hostile work environments and retaliation at the site. "I don't think it's anything that's new.


  1. My dad was white, and the arrogant black nurses and aides treated him like shit when they thought no one knew it.


  2. Come ON!!!! I think this is bogus. Aunt Jemima, monkey's....Really?? I doubt that very much. If it did happen it was under their breath or in their minds. The black people are really fired up it started during Obama's divisive eight years. Of course Michele Obama was extremely racist too. Worst eight years in this country's history and do you see what has happened? Take a look at what Sly James has caused. Racism? YES. Looks like a racial war is coming to this country again.

    1. Bullshit. I worked @ KCVA for 8 years. Obama didn't cause the racial strife in this hateful country; ignorant, bigoted white people lost their damn minds because a Black man was in the WH.

  3. Call Payday Lawsuit Company, anytime night or day.

  4. Yep, Try being the only white person around the Sea of above mentioned victims. You'll see non stop Racism. Stop lying to yourselves.


  5. Democrat Affirmative Action scammers and Democrat greedy weasel Trial Lawyers teaming up to shake down taxpayers.

  6. ^^^^OK Boomers.

  7. ok younger and dumber

  8. Let OK BOOMER Speak.


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