Lee's Summit Teachers Decry Pay Disparity

Another education fight in this embattled suburb as educators crunch the numbers and argue against bias favoring the new school.

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Veteran Teachers In Lee's Summit Complain They Get Paid Less Than Newer Colleagues

Educators who've taught in Lee's Summit for a long time are frustrated that repeated salary freezes mean they're making less than colleagues who are new to the district. Jessica Hill, a Lee's Summit West history teacher, says she makes $3,500 less than her husband, also a teacher in the district, even though they both have master's degrees and nine years of experience.


  1. Just quit that will show them.

  2. Join the crowd. At many big companies here in KC, young kids with "moxy" are hired for way more than employees that have a decade of experience. The H.R. hiring managers think new young blood will set the company on new sales records. But the kids complain, get bored, wont work hard and leave for another company that offers beer and pool tables at work. The the established workers have a moral loss, knowing they were not valued and production goes down. Seen it many times. Young = needs years of training and unproductivity.

  3. They still get paid more than the teachers in Blue Springs.


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