Monday, March 09, 2020

Kris Kobach Celebrates SCOTUS ID Theft Crackdown Against Illegal Aliens

Refusing to bow to politically correct pressure and refer to this embattled group as "the undocumented" the GOP crusader continues his career trajectory and offers Kansas voters a glimpse of his priorities that lost him the Kansas governorship following a brutal, humiliating and soul crushing PUBLIC ELECTION SMACK DOWN from a moderate old lady.

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Kobach: The Supreme Court Strikes a Blow for States' Rights

743 Kris W. Kobach On Tuesday, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that had far-reaching consequences - consequences that were missed entirely by the mainstream media. In Kansas v. Garcia, the Court by a 5-4 vote that federal law did not prevent Kansas from criminally prosecuting illegal aliens for identity theft.


Anonymous said...

People forget that all power emanates from the states. The federal government has the power that the states have delegated to it, just as the states delegate power to the cities and municipalities within them. The state is supreme.

Anonymous said...

Basically the Blacks Robed Dictators, a.k.a. Kansas Supreme Court, said the State couldn't enforce state laws on illegal aliens. SCOTUS told our dictators to shove that ruling up their ass.

Further proof the idiots that sit on the bench here in Kansas need removed. They're fucking idiots with an agenda.