Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Here's more deets on this precaution which offers a hint that this crisis will extend far beyond the next few weeks. Checkit:

All Kansas public schools cease in-person classes for the rest of the year, governor says amid pandemic

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Governor Laura Kelly has announced all public schools will stop meeting in person, switching to digital classes for the rest of the school year in a sweeping response to the coronavirus pandemic. "I am ordering all K-12 to close and cease in-person instruction for the duration of the 2019-2020 semester," Gov.


Anonymous said...

Calm down. This is not a big deal. The New World Order will take care of everything. One massive FALSE FLAG.

Anonymous said...


When Grandma Kelly got off the White House conference call for U.S. Governors, she needed a bathroom break due to a Brownback!!!

Anonymous said...

Democrat Granny sucking up to Democrat greedy Teachers Union slobs scamming yet MORE paid time - off.

Anonymous said...

Liberals went dream...next they let the criminals out of jail and police stop responding to calls.

Anonymous said...

Governor Kelly is a true leader and ahead of the entire country right now. She sees the curve and what's coming.

Other states and districts are taking half measures - close for 2 weeks or suspend indefinitely - and review later. Every school will eventually do the same thing, but will waste time over several weeks and multiple meetings to get three.

Kelly efficiently made the call and can now focus on the next set of issues. Parsons could learn a thing or two from this example.