Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Announces Coronavirus Self-Quarantine Precaution

The beloved Democrat party denizen discloses her health news with constituents. Read more:

Rep. Sharice Davids quarantines herself until March 26

KANSAS' 3RD DISTRICT (KCTV) -- U.S. Representative Sharice Davids released a statement on Thursday afternoon saying that she is going to self-quarantine after being exposed to another member of Congress who has COVID-19. In her statement, she said she is following the guidance from the Attending Physician of Congress and she'll stay home until March 26 out of an abundance of caution.


  1. Undoubtedly expect meanness from her political opponents which will PROVE why she so easily beat them.

  2. I'm Sleepy Joe Biden looking fir my wife. She looks like my sister and my Uncle Bob and Ted Nugent.

  3. ^^^ now that’s funny right there!

    Sad thing is it’s true.

  4. "I'm Joe Biden and I forgot this message."

  5. That dumb idiot sharice sitting bull is trying to drum (get It!) up some sympathy votes, the problem is people know she’s worthless no matter what disease she claims she may or may not have.

    1. Johnson county residents elected that worthless woman. She gets nothing done. Might as well stay at home.

  6. 4:38

    Well aren't you the sassy one?
    Poor Sharice will just fall apart from people being mean to her.
    You are fucking pathetic.

  7. Make it the 27th. Better yet She can stay at home forever and I won't miss her. Hopefully after a month or two that media will not care about her as well.

  8. She's only effective as a vote for a Democrat majority. Nothing more.

    Try not to ruffle any feathers, media avoids potential hot button issues, she shakes hands and appears to be a moderate voice. That's it.

    Once she starts voicing her opinion on issues and taking hard stances, she'll be kicked out of office very quickly.

    Democrat party and out-of-state backers got her in office. They know the district and will try to protect it by only doing what's minimally necessary for her to act as a representative - breath, vote with Pelosi 100% of the time, repeat....


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