Kansas Guv Urges COVID-19 Lockdown

Here's a glimpse at Sunflower State precautions amid ongoing coronavirus news and a growing demand for government to do more. Checkit:

Kansas officials urge school closings, traveler quarantines

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Gov. Laura Kelly and Kansas' top education official on Sunday urged public schools to remain closed this week, and the state health department called for people who are traveling outside the U.S. or to several other states to quarantine themselves for two weeks upon their return.


  1. So I would like to ask Laura Kelly how are the women suppose to get their abortions that she pushes so hard? Is she going to close down the butcher shops?

  2. Abortion mills are exempt from any rules.
    Baby-killer, Granny says so.

  3. ^^^Fucking sickos. You faux "pro-lifers" need to get a life.

  4. 11:25 PERVERTS need to stop killing over 700,000 innocents a year.

    You are going to HELL for it, though, so there's that.

  5. AIds kills 43,000 Americans annually and a carpet muncher is piping up.

  6. In 2017, 862,320 abortions were provided in clinical settings in the United States. Thats 2,362 babies killed per day. But let four or so die from some flu and the state goes nuts.


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