Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Kansas GOP Confronts Historic Senate Threat

The Sunflower State hasn't sent a member of the Democratic Party to D.C. as a Senator since the 30s. Now, without a viable candidate. Democrats are closer to a monumental flip as population centers have been trending blue over the past four years.


Kansas Republicans Wonder Who Can Defend A U.S. Senate Seat They've Taken For Granted

TOPEKA, Kansas - A Democrat hasn't won a U.S. Senate race in Kansas since the early days of the Great Depression. It took that economic crisis to propel George McGill, riding on Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal coattails, to a win. And he served but a single term.


Anonymous said...

Kris is the answer!

Run, Kris run!

Anonymous said...

Lulz. Kris isn't the candidate that Kansas Republicans need but he's the one they deserve.

Anonymous said...

^^^ 7:49 FTW!!!

Best political analysis I've ever read here.