Kansas City Youngster Cages Coming Soon

Local activists rallied against migrant young ones in cages . . . A trend that started during the Obama administration. Now there's a local facility that is moving along despite social justice outcry.


Application for facility to house undocumented migrant children under consideration in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City, Missouri City Planning Commission is considering requests from an Arizona-based company to create a facility for undocumented migrant children in the metro. Vision Quest has filed multiple special-use permit applications with the Planning Commission to convert the old Kindred Hospital at 87th and Troost into a for-profit facility for undocumented migrant children, and opposition to the proposal is growing.


  1. Everyone who hates little children because of their skin or origin please justify your bile below, like Jesus would.

  2. ^^^Would you rather just release them into the wild?

  3. ^^ says the person who advocates for a system where millions of people live in a permanent subclass in our country, living without documentation, taken advantage of by employers, landlords, and anyone that cares to exploit their status. Why does 10:05 am perpetuate this system? Because it makes her feel good.

    It's the people advocating for a system where people live here legally and take advantage of the American Dream are the most compassionate and care the most about their well being. If my children ran away to Canada, I hope the Mounties would hold them, figure out who they are and why they are there. Instead of sending them to the streets to some abuser I'd rather them be held in a safe environment until they know where they should be.

    Keep up your "skin color" and "origin" conspiracy theories that make you feel good....

    1. Maybe if they were here legally they wouldnt be taken advantage of.

  4. Run aways? BS these are mostly children who have been ripped screaming from the arms of their parents and legit guardians, kidnapped by ICE to punish the parents and gratify bigots.

    And then after the kidnapping you child abusers are like "Well now that they've been separated, we don't know who these kids belong to so we'll just do whatever we want."

    You kidnapping apologists ignore the kidnapping but pretend you want to help the children.

    Not to mention how your own great grand parents just showed the fuck up one day at Ellis Iland with their children and were let in no questions asked except the name. But now you think your white skin is gold.

  5. That facility looks a lot cleaner and better than sleeping under a bridge or being kidnapped for the sex trade in KC.

  6. 12:03

    Put the bong down.
    Or if you ain't using one....start.

  7. @12:27, put the Brain down and stop playing with it, it's obvious you aren't using it!

  8. Cheaper to send them back to the country they came from and let the people running it deal with it.

  9. 12:03 #okayboomer. Instead of calling everyone a racist that you don't agree with, think about how you're advocating for a system of quasi-slavery. Do you like having a permanent underclass that you can hire to watch your kids, pick your GMO strawberries, mow your yard and clean your house? Does it make you feel better to call people racists rather than pay more to people of all colors/nationalities living here as citizens with equal rights?

  10. Strother Martin3/9/20, 2:07 PM

    We can't just put children in cages and then forget about them. The children must also be beaten regularly.

  11. ^^^ now that’s funny right there! Lol!


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