Monday, March 02, 2020

Kansas City Women's Rights Illustrated

For thoughtful TKC readers hoping to teach daughters something about women's life other the tragic fact that bikini & lingerie models now have better career prospects in the era of social media and they might be the feminists of their day . . . Here's a glimpse at a great FREE gift ideas that offers a valuable teaching moment from the KC Public Library. Checkit:

A Colorful Centennial Commemoration of Women's Right to Vote

One hundred years ago the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, giving women in the U.S. the hard-won right to vote. In commemoration of the centennial, the Library's Missouri Valley Special Collections has produced a new coloring book profiling local women who took part in the suffrage movement.


  1. Why are we celebrating one of the worst decisions in modern history?

  2. As a result of that prohibition came about. That worked out real well didn't it?

  3. I think each "family unit" should have just 1 vote. Husbands and wives cancel each others vote out. It makes no sense. 1 address, 2 votes? Take the vote away from women!

  4. Stay in the kitchen, bitches.



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