Kansas City Westside Life Documented

This report is mostly cringe-y and patronizing BUT we link it if only to demonstrate to some of our nasty-racist-country-bumpkin readers that Latinos have been living and helping to build Kansas City for more than 100 years and way back when the ancestors of SOME of our "sons of the soil" denizens were sitting around growing dirt, barefoot on an Arkansas porch.

Take a look:

100 Years Ago, This Group Tried To 'Americanize' Mexicans - Now It Empowers Latinos In Kansas City

Listen to this episode of A People's History Of Kansas City, a new podcast from KCUR 89.3. For more stories like this one, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. Latinos started moving to Kansas City in the mid-1800s.


  1. They have been Americanized or they wouldn’t make it here, they have to do the same things we do, who wrote this stupid article

  2. KC Star Lisa Rodriguez is a co-author of the article.

  3. This photo was taken before being a victim became a profit center.

  4. ^^OK Boomer.

  5. ^^ Ok Millie

  6. ^^OK Boomer.


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