Kansas City Wednesday News Gathering

I don't really know how this Brazzers Instagram scene with adult actress Nicollete turns out but I'm pretty sure she might need a towel. Accordingly, we're still inspired to share community news, pop culture and other news links with our readers tonight.


KCFD prepares to respond to potential coronavirus cases

The Kansas City Fire Department said it is ready to respond to potential coronavirus cases. KCFD crews could be the first to respond to a coronavirus case. "We run the ambulance service, that's why we're out there in the forefront of this on the front line," said KCFD Assistant Fire Chief Jimmy Walker.

Northeast Gunfire Echoes

Shootings Bookend Northeast

The Northeast News is working to bring you information on two shootings overnight, one resulting in a homicide. The first shooting took place in the Hardee's parking lot at Independence Avenue and Winner Road at about 9:40 Tuesday evening. Police report a man was shot and taken to a local hospital with life threatening injuries.

Cleaning Local Nasty Cabs

KC experts treat rideshare vehicles to get rid of bed bugs

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -When you hop in or out of a rideshare, you might want to consider checking for bed bugs. A business owner in Dallas says he is treating dozens of rideshare cars for the bloodsucking insects.

Pr0n Community Spreads Infectious And Sexy Giggles

Coronavirus-themed porn is going viral

Now that's a sick fetish. Coronavirus-themed porn is going viral on streaming sites, with more than 100 videos from the bizarre genre popping up in recent days, according to a report. The largely-amateur outbreak videos - which include everything from horndogs in hazmat suits to "MILFs in quarantine" - have emerged on free sites such as pornhub.com and xHamster.com, according to Vice.

Artsy Pr0n Turnabout

Brazzers made a NSFW meta-musical about fauxcest that's better than it has any right to be

Porn plots: They ain't great. Be it horny schoolteachers, suspiciously sexy pool cleaners, or conveniently biologically unrelated step-siblings, it's always really just been a means to a generally messy end. This latter subgenre-often referred to as "fauxcest" (get it?)-is particular having its "moment" within the industry, as they say.

Good Political News

Bloomberg News staffers breathe a sigh of relief after Mike Bloomberg drops out

As Bloomberg TV wrapped up its live coverage of Super Tuesday, correspondent Kevin Cirilli asked, "Who had the worst night tonight?"

Hillary Vs Bernie Redux

Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders didn't get a real job until he was 41-here's a copy of his actual resume from the '80s

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claims her former rival (and current presidential hopeful) Bernie Sanders didn't have a real job until he was 41. But according to Sanders' resume from the 1980s, he had several odd jobs after graduating from college in 1964.

Almost 20 Years Of War

U.S. Launches 'Defensive Strike' At Taliban As Fragile Afghan Peace Deal Teeters

Just days after the U.S. and Taliban announced the terms of a deal lauded as a foundation for peace, Afghanistan is once more embroiled in deadly violence. On Wednesday, the U.S. carried out its first airstrike on the Islamist militant group since announcing the agreement. A U.S.

Bibi Busted Again

Netanyahu bloc fails to secure majority in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing bloc appears to have failed to secure a parliamentary majority in Monday's general election. With 99% of votes counted, Mr Netanyahu's Likud party was on track to win 36 seats, and allied right-wing and religious parties another 22.

Welcomed Respite

Mini-golf bar coming to Kansas City's Power & Light

A new entertainment concept is coming soon to Kansas City's Power & Light District - a mini-golf bar - and the idea sounds like a hole-in-one.That's right - sink your putts and your drinks (responsibly) along with a full food menu at Sinkers Lounge.

Sending KC Comfort Food

Operation BBQ Relief offers support in Nashville

PECULIAR, Mo. - Relief is making its way to Nashville, Tennessee, in the form of food following deadly tornadoes that struck the state early Tuesday. Team members from Midwest-based Operation BBQ Relief arrived in Nashville on Wednesday to feed thousands of people affected by the storm.

Forecast For Tomorrow

Thursday will be warm, windy

Temperatures will start off about 40 degrees Thursday morning. Temperatures will climb into the upper 50s for a high. You will notice the winds picking up.

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  1. What a good, game and giving woman!!!

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  2. 60000 people have the corona virus and everyone wants to wear masks.
    30 million people have aids but yet no one wants to wear a condom. Something I read and it's something to think about! Just FYI!


    "A hard man is good to find!!!" - Nicollete

  4. As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities. They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!

    Wake up Lucas and do what is right!

  5. ^^Who cares. This president will be gone in 8 months anyway. Keep fighting Lucas.

  6. ^^^^No he won't fool

    Congress has agreed to provide $8 Billion to fight Coronavirus! This means CDC, HHS, and DHS will have the resources they need to Keep America Safe and keep the risk to workers and families very low. This is great news for our Health, our Economy, and our Nation!

  7. ^^OK Boomer.


    Nicolette got the shock of her life when all four of her Plastic Surgeons presented their bills at the same time!

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