Kansas City Thursday News Collection

Hottie Paris has been on the pop culture scene for a minute and right now she inspires this Thursday glimpse at pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and round the world . . .

Hipsters At The Pitch Play COVID-19 Meme Game

Novel corona virus memes remind us that life means nothing lol

Using satire to cope with dark and difficult times is nothing new in our society, even as far back as the Great Depression satire was used in radio shows by entertainers like Will Rogers. However, the Internet has made sharing absurd and satirical thoughts and images extremely easy.

Custody Fights Could Intensify During Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19 outbreak creates complications with court-ordered visitation


Hometown Star Shines

KCK native, actor Eric Stonestreet donates 200,000 meals to KC's Harvesters

by: Makenzie Koch Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of meals will soon be coming local families in need thanks to KCK native Eric Stonestreet. The actor announced Wednesday that he's donating 200,000 meals to Harvesters Community Food Network in Kansas City.

Local Healthcare Keeps Rolling

Mobile nurses help Kansas City homeless during COVID-19 outbreak


Hottie Paris Poses In Solitude

Paris Hilton posts pinup images where she models kinky boots

Paris Hilton is a powerhouse brand that cannot stop chugging. And so on Wednesday the 39-year-old blonde model and actress was at it again as she shared three new images to Instagram where she was promoting Juicy. The DJ looked sensational in a black leotard with over-the-knee boots and a choker as she posed up a storm for photographer Brendan Forbes.

New Rules Reemerge Old School Cold War Playbook

The Defense Production Act, explained

As the United States ramps up its coronavirus response, President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that he will be invoking the Defense Production Act, or DPA, in order to provide necessary medical equipment to treat patients.


Sanders responds angrily to reporter when asked about his campaign: 'I'm dealing with a f**king global crisis'

Bernie Sanders has a decision to make about his campaign now that his path to the Democratic presidential nomination has effectively closed and the coronavirus pandemic has thrown into question the timing of future primary elections.

Hollywood Star Attacks Against Prez Trump Terminology

Lana Condor accuses Trump of endangering Asians over coronavirus: 'You should be ashamed'

Lana Condor is calling out President Trump for repeatedly calling COVID-19 the "Chinese Virus." The Vietnamese-born American actress ( X-Men: Apocalpyse, To All the Boys I've Loved Before) slammed the president on Twitter for seemingly trying to get Americans to associate the pandemic that's now spread worldwide with people from China.

Italia Under Siege

Hospitals at Italy's coronavirus epicenter could 'soon' be unable to help new patients; death rate reaches record high

Hospitals in Italy's Lombardy, the epicenter of the country's coronvirus outbreak, are reaching the point where they may not be able to treat any new cases of the virus, as Italy's death toll rises at a record rate.

Bread Rising To Occasion

Farm to Market Bread Co. Expands Production and Donates Bread to Meet Area Needs in Kansas City

Farm to Market Bread Co. is baking more bread each day to better serve Kansas City as businesses and the community adapt to the global pandemic. "We want to be a source of stability and community. What we're focused on doing right now is helping to feed people in KC," says Farm to Market vice president John Friend.

Old School Help Needed

Essential services for vulnerable populations already affected by COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Self-isolation won't be easy for anybody. But for senior citizens who rely on volunteer-based organizations to fulfill their daily needs, self-isolation could be a real challenge.

Rough Weather Chance Today

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Today is a StormTrack5 Weather Alert Day. We are tracking a 90% chance for showers and storms, some could be strong today.

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Good on Paris. She had a lot of problems but they were never her looks or money.


  2. Isn't it funny how the news was calling the virus The Chinese virus and it was O.K. but let Trump call it for what it is and everyone goes ballistic.

    Isn't it also funny how Obama can call his grandmother a typical white women and everyone is O.K. with that too.

    So shove this down your liberal throats. IT'S The Zipper HEAD VIRUS!!!!!!!

  3. Paris is a very beautiful hot slut.

  4. Screw that Chinese actress. China Lied. People Died.

  5. TRUMP tried to cut flights from China back in January, but the Democrats and people like that Hollywood bitch said he was racist. They have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!

  6. Lana Condor should be ashamed for eating dogs and cats like all Asians do.

  7. Byron Funkhouser3/19/20, 7:38 AM

    Der Fuhrer always plays the race card. He is, after all, a white nationalist.

    Someone, please tell him that the corona virus is not invisible. We know what it looks like.

    This "stable genius" is the least intelligent president we have ever had.

    1. Spent your March welfare check already, retard?

  8. ^^^ and bats, stupid slant eyed sons of bitc......

  9. Oh bLIEron, it’s the China virus, wuhan virus, Kung flu virus, if Asians weren't so stupid to eat bats none of this would be happening but, maybe there’s an excuse for them eating bats, maybe they’re so poor and controlled by their commie overloads that they were desperate enough to eat bats, we are seeing how well their health care is working for them aren’t we. It isn’t,

    Lyme disease?

    Legionnaires disease?

    Where did they come from?

    Fuck off you racist bastard.

  10. 7:38 you really are stupid aren’t you.

  11. FUck CHINA, obviously not schooled by death thru a thousand cuts. Nor basic ability to know they blamed us for starting it while they let it spread for over 90 days and hid it. China is the origin and China is the place completely responsible for the destroying of economies and deaths throughout the rest of the world. We need to sick the Japanese on them again.

  12. Obama says anything and the butt fucks get dreamy eyes for their Negro Nazi.

  13. Every single day thousands of regular folks reach out to help others.
    Yet the sports celebrities and D-listers like Stonestreet just can't do much of anything without falling over themselves to get face-time on TV and as much publicity as possible.
    Even a serious emergency like the one we all find ourselves in can't calm the ME! ME!, look at ME! of these clowns.
    A limitless opportunity for psychiatrists.

  14. Haiku from Wuhan Wanda:

    Sleepy Joe no like boom boom,
    Rather Sleepy Joe wear women perfume!
    Sleepy Joe give creepy hug,
    Sleepy Joe has ugly mug!
    Too much Botox in his eye,
    Too much heroin make Hunter high!
    Sleepy Joe move very slow,
    Sleepy Joe IQ so low!

  15. No worries Mate. Millies have societies back. Same people responsible for mass spread, same people that have little to no world experience at doing much more than supporting communism and protesting everything as an ism. Same people that are shaming our elderly now , but wouldn't like you to point out Homosexuals spread aids, blacks commit most murders and millies are disrespectful and shame others. RIght Geezer ?

  16. Millie’s won’t live to geezer status because they are too stupid to survive on their own so....

  17. 7:13: And yet Trump has issued executive orders that Congress can't override to restrict travel (among other reasons because of Republican-controlled courts and a Senate led by McConnell). Weird.

    You may now return to your usual day with Fox News for more talking points.

  18. We've crossed the Rubicon. I may not survive if my drunk nephews friends stop by for a visit unannounced. Their roommate went out on St Pats day in Denver and came down with COVID19. I wish I were kidding.

  19. 8:21 Fox News is the number one news source in this country, the communist news network (cnn) and msdnc are fake news for the uneducated, welfare abusing, I want everything free commie crowd, so yes, do yourself a favor and watch Fox News for the best most accurate and trustworthy news you’re evar gonna get! The only place for real news!

  20. Paris has gotten her little pussy fucked by thousands of dicks.

  21. ^^^ but not yours. Weird.

  22. 9:40: Nope. Wrong talking points. Go back. Get more.

  23. How's that "Sanctuary City" thingy going for New York and California with Corona Virus?

    Not too good you say.

    How's that Socialist, Democrat controlled New York and California thingy going with Corona Virus?

    Not too good you say.

    How many Corona Virus lives have Hollywood mouthy stars saved?

    None you say.

    Shit hits the fans and Democrats fall apart screaming and wailing, help me! help me!

    Panic, hysteria from the effete Democrat men and news reporters.

    I'll take Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri conservatism any day over the New York and California style of deviancy and Communism !

  24. Remember at November election time, CNN, Hollywood and Democrat Party fought President Trump every step of the way while he was partnering with public and private entities to save American lives.

    President Trump's travel ban to China and Europe was huge in slowing down the spread of Corona Virus in the U.S. Democrats called President Trump a racist for the travel bans because they are traitors to America.

  25. ^^^^Nope. Need better material.

  26. 11:32 - You're so fucking dumb. Because travel bans and border walls contain viruses, right? The dipshit put in a European travel ban that initially excluded the UK....figure that one out asshole. So a guy goes from China to South Korea. And then onto America. Travel ban really helped there dumbfuck. God damn, you people are fucking stupid. While Trump was out stroking over travel bans, nothing else was happening. Nothing, just everyday Trump press conferences where he extolled his intelligence in understanding disease, how this would pass quickly, how the flu was worse, how if you want a test, there's plenty of tests and they're fantastic beautiful tests. All Bullshit. And here we are.

    Can you legitimately tell me one thing outside of your extra $100 a month in tax savings that the Trump administration has done for this country. Can't point to 401k's anymore so what the fuck else is there? Seriously? From where I sit, this admin has been a shit show from start to present but for some reason his base, which you're obviously part of, fucking loves it. Seriously, tell me what is so great about this guy?

    Fuck, remember when he had the H1N1 outbreak? Or the Swine flu? Remember how the economy ground to a ha.....oh fuck, nevermind, the economy carried on because we had competent people running this country. Guess that's what's happens when you elect a shitty businessman, who happens to be a washed up reality show host. Fuck me.

  27. ^^^ you’re a lyin dog faced pony soldier

  28. The “N1H1” as obiden calls it was a huge tragedy by the “bama obiden” duo, Barry waited six months and over one million people were sick and over one thousand died before he lifted a finger.... that guy was a genius wasn’t he!

  29. Hey Eric Stonestreet - ever hear of donating anonymously instead of showing people what a great guy you are?

  30. ^^^yeah, remember when we had to do social distancing, the stock market fucking tanked, we had to self quarantine....oh fuck, right, that shit didn't happen. facts hurt your little trumptard feelings? sorry about that. elect a dumb shitty businessman failed reality show host and this is the clown show you get it.

    thanks a lot trumpers. thanks for electing the fucking grifter, you fucking shitty marks.

  31. I'm Sleepy Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

  32. 12:51 is becoming unhinged because Trump's approval ratings keep improving. Americans appreciate the job he is doing despite the Democrats and media fighting him every step of the way. Yes, indeed, it appears MAGA thru 2024.

  33. ^^^Sure it is lugnut. Is that according to the Federalist? Stormfront? Breitbart? You gonna refute anything said? No, just point to some useless poll.

    Face it, Trump's response has been a clown show. Any average CEO in America of any size company would've been long gone for this kind of Mickey Mouse operation. Keep buying the grift pal. Just remember - ETTD.

  34. Trump 2020!

  35. 3:00 awwww chimpy, you’ve been a bad little monkey since the zoo shut down, poor baby!

  36. EBTD, WE REMEBER H1N1 and how well that worked out for the 12,469 Americans that died from it now don’t we. Oh and only 55 million people got sick from it, and it only took Obama a whole year to get that under control. Facts are a bitch.

  37. @1:37 you are just parroting Tucker Carlson's proven lies!

    Obama invoked the Same National Emergency Orders Trump did in April, 2009, BEFORE THERE WAS EVEN ONE CASE OF H1N1 IN THE UNITED STATES!

    The second Carlson LIE about "thousands of deaths" refers to WORLDWIDE Fatalities, and tries to imply they were in this Country! The US N1H1 fatalities were UNDER 500, YOU PARROT!

    Carlson is just desperately trying to divert from Trump's totally incompetent failures by the Communist "BIG LIE" technique of repeating totally false statements over and over!

  38. I'm Sleepy Joe and I forgot this message.

  39. It's probably re-assuring to Trump that he knows he has supporters like 3:10 that he can grift all fucking day and still count on for a vote. Put out any old bullshit he pleases and there are many millions of voters like 3:10 because they're so fucking dumb. So dumb, they can't see the shit show that's right in front of their face. A market that has lost every single dollar of gain under the Trump administration. Restaurants and businesses all shut down because of a completely overmatched and incompetent administration. The job losses that are yet to come. The economic pain that's yet to come. The lying, that is yet to come from this administration. Good news is there's more people in this country than the dumbass 1/3 that comprises Trump's base. I've talked to many Republicans who could not stomach voting for Trump OR Sanders and were willing to sit out the next election.....looks like that won't be an issue now. Hopefully, the dumpster fire that Trump started the day he took office can be put out.

    Remember 3:10, ETTD.

  40. 3:03 said Chimpy, because he's....you know, clever. ETTD.


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