Kansas City Sunday Night Stand

Hottie and one time angel Doutzen has an inspiring story of International success and her amazing life leads us to link just a few uplifting local news items for our local blog denizens . . .

Kansas City Journalist Confronts Cancer Battle

Cynthia Newsome honored for stories about her battle with metastatic breast cancer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Making a difference brings joy to my life. So when I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) in February 2019, I was driven to publicly share my journey on 41 Action News to educate and encourage other women.

Talker Reveals Struggle

KC sports radio host talks about dealing with multiple sclerosis

610Sports radio host Jay Binkley loves to talk about the Chiefs and the Royals.But he said it is different when it comes to talking about himself."You want to say, 'Hey, there's something wrong with me.' But you don't," Binkley said.Binkley has multiple sclerosis.

Postscript On An Old Friend And Kansas City Legend

In Memoriam: Charles Ferruzza

Journalism ages even its smaller-town practitioners. The ones who treat their beats as though a global audience awaits go faster because they've gone harder. And Charles never presumed his readers were provincial, were limited by living here. He uniquely understood the metro's depth and scale. Not that Charles was a journalist.

And so . . .

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