In Kansas City there's a budget debate over taxpayer funding for the arts and City Hall support of the so-called creative class. The Mayor has given a little back to this community after public push back but they are no longer a funding priority for the current administration.

Accordingly, we're highlighting a public post from one of the most talented people in town who shares just a bit of encouragement which offers an alternative perspective for cowtown artists.

Readers might know Mark Manning from his KKFI show and others are simply aware that he's a pretty great human being. Here's what he has to say and a word to the wise:

"You can be an artist in Kansas City without ever going to The Art Institute, or receiving a grant from Charlotte Street, or taking a single workshop from Artist Inc., or Mid America Arts whatever. You do not have to be invited to an Arts KC Luncheon or a Mayor's select panel. You do not have to be "approved" by any small group of gate-keepers, who sometimes spend more time playing the game to protect their territory than creating anything that is actually original or meaningful. Some of my most favorite and hardest working artists in Kansas City create their work completely free from any of these institutions or clubs. They are helping to grow our community with their own individual voices. It is refreshing."

I think this sentiment can apply to almost any endeavor in Kansas City and we hope it offers a very real bit of hope tonight. As always, thanks for reading this week and hopefully we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!