Sunday, March 01, 2020

Kansas City Sunday News Smile

Right now angel Candice inspires this quick look at Sunday headlines concerning pop culture, community news and a couple of big picture links:

KC Infrastructure Improvment

Guinotte Sinkhole project nears completion

The Guinotte Ave. sinkhole project has had Guinotte closed at HighlandAvenue is slated for completion later this week. Contractors werepouring concrete and setting curbs last Thursday and Friday with asphaltwork scheduled to be completed on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.


When states sell out to developers, housing is no longer a human right | Leilani Farha

A few weeks ago in Auckland, while getting into a cab, a colleague and I were having an animated discussion about the merits of a capital gains tax. Before greeting us, the driver chimed in with his dislike for any tax on profits from the sale of property.

Progressive Panties Panned

Shoppers slam Victoria's Secret's 'too late' attempt at diversity

The lingerie company has taken a different approach on its social media pages Photos posted this week present a more inclusive tone, with models from diverse racial backgrounds and photos showing size diversity However, bid to become more diverse has been greeted with chagrin by many The brand has faced


Coughing pope cancels participating in Lenten retreat

VATICAN CITY (AP) - A coughing Pope Francis told pilgrims gathered for the traditional Sunday blessing that he is canceling his participation at a week-long spiritual retreat in the Roman countryside because of a cold.

Studios Vs. Strip Malls???

Kansas City Artists Open Storefronts In Neighborhoods So More People Can 'Sit Down And Create'

Cynthia Hardeman, a playwright, knew that families along the Troost Corridor enjoyed the Drama Time children's program that she and performer Victoria Barbee created in 2017. The 10-week program, where kids could show up, slip into character and act out a story completely different from their own, was popular.

Urban Core Co-work Debuts

New shared workspace opens in 18th and Vine District, hoping to attract minority business owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City is quickly becoming home to a number of startup businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to make something big. Now there's a place where they can turn their big ideas and dreams into reality.

NextGen Hope This Spring

14 Leap Day babies born at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fourteen Leap Day babies were born at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission on Saturday. Girls born nearly doubled the boys numbers. Five boys were born compared to nine girls. All babies born received special gifts, onesies and frogs, but a few more need to be ordered, because the number of babies born exceeded expectations.

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