Sunday, March 08, 2020

Kansas City Sunday News Look

Right now we share a quick peek at a few important headlines for Sunday along with items concerning pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Dead Body At Kansas City Vacant Wasn't Killed

KCPD: Fatality at fire not being investigated as homicide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, police were called to the scene of a house fire Saturday to investigate a body found at the scene. Kansas City Fire Department officials responded to a fire at a vacant home around 11:18 p.m. in the 3000 block of East Sixth Street.

KCMO Blight Burns

Two alarm fire guts abandoned 6th street home

Firefighters were called to the 3000 block of East 6th Street on Saturday evening at roughly 10:30 p.m. The 2 alarm Blaze destroyed the interior of an abandoned house in the middle of the block. Neighbors reported Fire coming out of an East basement door.

Kansas City 2nd Chance Store

New thrift store serves as one stop shop for people in need

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new thrift store is offering people in need a one stop shop for everything from clothes, food, and job skills. The Landmark Unique Thrift Store and Food Pantry opened Saturday March 7th. The store offers discounted clothes, free canned goods, as well as a leadership classes where resume help and job skills are provided.

Former Angel Karlie Celebrates Liberation And Hotness

Karlie Kloss Celebrates International Women's Day Early In Block Heeled Pumps For 'Today Show' Appearance

Karlie Kloss opted for a head-to-toe, cool-toned ensemble yesterday while going on the "Today Show" for International Women's Day, which falls on March 8 this year. The Koding With Klossy founder wore a full Ryan Roche ensemble, featuring a pair of high-waisted blue trousers and coordinating button-down blouse and lightweight trench coat over the top.

Senator Kamala Backs Veep

Kamala Harris becomes latest former candidate to endorse Joe Biden

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., has added her name to the list of former presidential candidates who are now endorsing former vice president Joe Biden. The senator said in a Sunday statement that she would "do everything in my power" to help Biden win.

Bernie Bros For Prez Trump???

Could Sanders voters help Trump win the White House again?

WASHINGTON - Joe Biden isn't the only presidential candidate whose allies believe the votes of Bernie Sanders' most dedicated supporters could hold the key to his November success. So is President Donald Trump.

Senior Crackdown

Official: White House didn't want to tell seniors not to fly

A federal official says the White House overruled health officials who wanted to recommend that elderly and physically fragile Americans be advised not to fly on commercial airlines because of the new coronavirus NEW YORK -- The White House overruled health officials who wanted to recommend that elderly and physically fragile Americans be advised not to fly on commercial airlines because of the new coronavirus, a federal official told The Associated Press.

Italy On Lock

Italy announces lockdown as global coronavirus cases surpass 105,000

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree early Sunday that will put millions of people across northern Italy under lockdown due to the novel coronavirus.

Capitalism Saves Community

With 'Resiliency And Grit,' Black Women In Kansas City Have Been Growing Their Own Businesses

Kansas City is becoming more welcoming for black women who want to start their own businesses. Adrienne Haynes, the managing partner at the business law firm SEED Law, says there's more diversity in the entrepreneurial community today than in 2015, when she created the Multicultural Business Coalition with a few other organizations.

Kansas City Remarkale Nurse Scribe Earns Tribute

Oncology nurse known for writing apology letter after cancer diagnosis is KC's 'Remarkable Women' contest winner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In December FOX4 asked viewers to nominate the Remarkable Women in their lives, and Kansas City answered that call and sent in more than 400 nominations. From that group of incredible women, FOX4 narrowed it down to four finalists. Those women included: Bobbi Jo Reed, who transformed her life, her neighborhood [...]

Pricey Royal Message

For just $100, you can have Whit Merrifield send you a personalized message

It's beautiful outside and you're chained to your obligations. I'm right there with you. But have no fear, I've got the cure for your office blues and it's the website Cameo. Max Rieper brought it to this community in his Royals Review segment of the latest Royals Review Radio.

Kansas City Sunday Outlook

Rain moves in late Sunday


Rhiannon Giddens - Wayfaring Stranger is the Sunday song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Busty angels before they're cancelled for good. Thanks, T.

Anonymous said...

One of the bright spots is that toilet-paper sales have been outstanding around the country.

Mr. Flush said...

^^^^ +100

Anonymous said...


You deleted my comment & now my uterus hurts.

I guess I will go find a new blog.

Anonymous said...

^^^ When your in a hurry you just throw slop up as quickly as possible and hope no one notices.

Kno said...

Don't you mean when YOU'RE in a hurry? Pot meet kettle. Slow down and enjoy your hypocrisy, champ.

Anonymous said...

9:46 AM Okay Boomer

Anonymous said...

Trump continues to screw up the response.

Now endangering seniors by withholding travel warnings.

Telling people the risk is low, when we know there are thousands of diagnosed cases in the US. We don't have high numbers only because we aren't testing.

We aren't testing because they didn't order mass production months ago. This while Trump told us that everyone that wants a test can get a test. Nope.

It's makes the Katrina disaster look like a spring shower.

Anonymous said...

CA Sen. Kamala Harris proves she's a despicable person with endorsement of Joe "Alzheimer's" Biden.

After openly laughing at and mocking Biden during the debates for being out-of-touch, gaffe-prone, and too old, Harris caves to establishment Black Democrats who above all else seek to retain their power positions.

Harris is not even an African-American, though she continually peddles that misconception. Her mother is from India (wealthy family), and her father is from Jamaica (they owned slaves). She's married to Jewish attorney.

Kamala Harris remains an enemy of Black Americans.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sure 1:26, because marrying a Jew negates your own entire race and identify.

And Jamaica has no blacks of African descent.

Holy shit, what a moron.

Anonymous said...

^^^OK younger and dumber Milli Vanilli

Anonymous said...

5:02 ... I think you meant "race and identity," but you're so smart, I'm sure you won a lot of participation trophies.

Anonymous said...

Apparently can read, but is INCAPABLE OF RESPONDING to facts.

Apparently can read, but CANNOT COMPREHEND.
A biracial Indian/Jamaican woman has NO accurate claim toward being an "African-American" other than stating for political purposes that she "identifies" as one. (look up Rachel Dolezal)
Marrying a wealthy white Jewish attorney doesn't say anything about Harris' race, but it speaks volumes as to where her allegiance and heart reside.

Everything 1:26 wrote is accurate, and please notice that no one disproved the facts stated. They ALWAYS resort to throwing their shit against the wall as a distraction.

Anonymous said...

Yes 7:15, it is race and identity. A typo insult, that's all you got?

Both you and 1:26 are still morons, but holy shit, 8:44 is in his own special zone of crazy stupid racist.

Oxford defines African American - A black American.

Remember, Jesse Jackson helped introduce the term to replace the catch all category of "black". Pure blood or direct genealogy isn't a requirement.

The cherry on top of this racist sundae is the "allegiance" trope while referring to marrying a wealthy Jew lawyer. What, you couldn't squeeze a globalist Soros reference in there too?

Damn, isn't there a bonfire and cross burning you're late for?

Anonymous said...

"Everything 1:26 wrote is accurate, and please notice that no one disproved the facts stated. They ALWAYS resort to throwing their shit against the wall as a distraction."

And yet everything 1:26 wrote is an opinion, and an uninformed opinion at that, and there are no "facts" to "disprove." Weird.

Anonymous said...

8:44 and 1:26 got destroyed. Damn.