Wednesday, March 18, 2020


The political blame game in the midst of a pandemic might mot be as important as confronting the reality: The Trump Economic boom has now been erased by COVID-19. Kansas City and the nation now confront a recession. Here are a few links from "many sides" of the debate along with local resources . . .


The entire Trump stock rally is gone: Dow erases all its gains since Donald Trump took office

The Trump stock rally, which at its peak a month ago was robust and seemingly unending, has completely evaporated.

Double Dose Of Relief???

Trump administration seeks 2 rounds of checks to Americans in massive coronavirus response

The White House is moving forward with a proposed $1 trillion coronavirus package that would infuse Americans' bank accounts with two rounds of direct cash payments. The Trump administration is seeking $250 billion in payments to Americans starting April 6, followed by another $250 billion cash payment round beginning May 18, according to the working draft of the plan obtained by Fox Business Network.

Fairfax & Claycomo Stop Work

Ford, GM to shut down production in North America due to coronavirus concerns

Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, are shutting down North American production because of the coronavirus. The decision impacts thousands of Ford and GM workers in the Kansas City metro.There are around 9,000 auto workers in the metro between the GM Fairfax plant in Kansas City, Kansas, and the Ford Claycomo plant.

Perfect Village Helps Out

Prairie Village church putting food items out for those struggling

Asbury United Methodist Church SOURCE: Asbury United Methodist Church Asbury United Methodist Church in Prairie Village, Kansas, said it set up shelves of nonperishable food items outside the main church entrance for anyone struggling to get food during the coronavirus outbreak.The church said it is accepting donations of soup, pasta, and other nonperishable food items for those in need.

Feeding The NextGen

Kansas City districts providing meals to students during closures

With schools closed in the Kansas City metro - some for the rest of the year - local school districts are working to continue providing meals for students during the coronavirus pandemic. The Shawnee Mission School District, which will close all school buildings for the rest of the year under an order Tuesday from Kansas Gov.

Double Talk After EPIC Layoff Numbers Scare Economists

U.S. 'will not have' unemployment rate of 20 percent, Mnuchin says

The U.S. will not see unemployment levels of 20 percent, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin clarified Wednesday, just one day after issuing a stark warning about the economic effects of the coronavirus if Congress did not agree on the White House stimulus package.

Kansas City Resources For Emergency Assistance

Unemployed in KC? Here's a list of resources

Photo by Masaaki Komori It is rough out there. It's not so great in here either. Everyone needs a little help right now. So in working with some local businesses, we've put together some very handy links and resources for those of you whose jobs have been affected by the COVID-19 fallout.

Developing . . .


  1. Maybe the blame game isn't "important" but that's all some people are talking about. The Republicans even want to blame Obama for this mess that is now the responsibility of President Trump.

  2. But... but... but... he's a very stable genius.

  3. Obama didn't tell the truth about China. Obama lied. People died.

  4. And what is the Kansas City Atheist Coalition doing to help?

  5. Well the Globalist got to Trump with a Bad Virus. The U.S.AS we knew it is over. The Democrats in Congress are very happy now. And I Stated this 3 years ago. They don't want national,policy. The want A WORLD ORDER .And socialism .Look there going to give you a few thousand dollars. That is not going to pay off your thousands of dollars in debt. .There is one way to protect yourself,Stay out of debt And don't do business with multinational corporations .That support the world order .YOU will have more money, and socialism won't affect you .Cash is king.

  6. Hey Retro retard, what do you think these checks to every American and all these corporate bailouts are???? I Surprise! t’s socialism!!!! What you and the rest of these MAGA chuds fail to understand is, America has never really been a capitalistic country! We’ve always been a socialist country! If we really were a capitalist country, we would let all these firms go bankrupt!!! That’s capitalism baby! Survival of the fittest, no bailouts from the taxpayers!! MAGA! Trump kills everything he touches!

  7. Usually we're a socialist country when it comes to the wealthy. The rest of have to deal with Social Darwinist-style capitalism.

  8. Yes corporate Welfare as been going on for decades. I have stated that many times, you just have a short memory.

  9. I don't support any party I'm my own party and Central Bank, No,PONZI,PONZI STOCK MARKET. I HAVE been prepared for a Depression for years.

  10. Oh hell calm down everybody!
    When Trump took Office the Dow Jones was at $19,827.
    It closed today at $19,898, so there's still $71 dollars of Trump's "Greatest Economy in History" left!

    It won't be until that margin is gone that this "Financial Genius" will start eroding the historically large 243% gain the Market experienced under Obama.

    THEN is the time to call any questions about Trump's abilities to the fore, but who knows, the Market may go up $5-$10 tomorrow, increasing Trump's "miracle" even more.

  11. Douchebag, you've never seen socialism nor do you want to. Don't confuse aid or subsidization for a life your pussy asses could never survive. I guess your confusion for "our socialist " country allows you to express stupid shit. Something you would not do in a real Socialist Country. Ask a black or a homosexual how great real socialism is. Then reply your vast knowledge of real life. All you armchair warriors are great at non real life experience.

  12. 9:08 the stock market going back to Barry levels is making you happy? Why the fuck do you want the middle class destroyed? What the hell is wrong with you? It’s nobody's fault but your own for being poor and stupid.

    Barry was an idiot, he damn near wiped out the middle class for his socialist programs. If another dimwit gets in office they will destroy the middle class and here’s what’s key retard, there’s only gonna be rich people and poor people, how happy will you be then dumbass when your still poor?

  13. The Dow only measures the biggest 30 multi-national conglomerates. After the sugar high of Trump's Wall Street tax cut, they are back to even. 3 years of wasted investment with 0% return.

    The broader economy is better gauged through the Russell 2000, which captures mid and small caps. That is down -26.69% since Trump took office. It peak just after the tax cut was passed and is down -43.06%.

    Read that again. The Russell 2000 is down over 43% in two years. Your portfolios have lost a lot of money.

    Trump's policies have set this country up for utter failure. Annual debts of $1 trillion and this year alone will be at least $2.5 trillion. Now the markets have crashed. Safe investments of CDs and savings are earning 0% because of rate cuts. We are entering a depression and Trump has no idea how to address it.

  14. The fear mongering media fed by the Communist Democrat Party just destroyed our economy. Democrats hate Christians, the Constitution, and Capitalism like you hate humanity. You will never defeat those of us who love the United States you traitorious Communist.

    You see how your fellow Democrats support you when all hell breaks out. You will turn on each other because your a collection of mis-fits and haters.

  15. Meanwhile potholes continue to get deeper, not because of the virus, but because the leadership in this city doesnt know how to plan for disasters that are annual let alone a virus that wasnt expected, City leaders should have a plan in place for the unexpected, but they ride the line of a gamble hoping it wont ever happen, and cant even fix the problems they know will happen. Only in KC!!!

  16. I want my gubmnt free stuff, today!

  17. Trump's lost the gains racked up during his administration. Now he's working on losing the gains of the Obama administration.

    He just can't stand not erasing everything Obama did.



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