For two weeks, COVID-19 has DEVASTATED the international economy and wiped out years of stock market gains. As the local impact takes hold and more people are staying home, public officials scramble to offer reassurance.

To wit . . .


Given that so much of the Kansas City economy is based on taxpayer subsidy and creative-class hype. Any interruption of local good times and our party-based downtown financial model is serious.

Unfortunately, local threat from COVID-19 impact isn't just a manner of opinion, here's survey confirmation . . .

Morningstar: "More than half of respondents said they expect coronavirus to weigh on their operations for the rest of the year, according to a monthly survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City."

Accordingly, the local elite have called upon columnist Mary Sanchez to lead a discussion that seemingly attempts to provide calm:

Greater KC Chamber: The Emerging Impacts of the Coronavirus

"The Emerging Impacts of the Coronavirus program will seek to debunk any misconceptions about the virus, while giving perspectives from professionals in the field of business and risk management, the economy, and public health. With no vaccine for the Coronavirus currently developed, it is anticipated the outbreak will continue to spread in the coming months. Join the World Trade Center - KC, Healthy KC and the International Relations Council on March 11 at the Greater KC Chamber Board Room in Union Station to further your knowledge about the Coronavirus and what it means for the future of global health."


- Dr. Rex Archer, Director of Health, City of Kansas City, Missouri Health Department
- Andrew Azan, Vice President, AON
- Mike Stellern, Professor of Economics, Rockhurst University
- Moderator, Mary Sanchez, Flatland KC

Tragically, this sounds like more of a pep talk than serious health discussion given that Kansas City is also promoting B-ball games during this same time frame.

Reality . . .


Check the links:

Downtown Kansas City Party Continues And Ignores Threat Of Community Spread

As COVID-19 looms, KC preps for several large events

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Local leaders say it's only a matter of time before we see confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Kansas City metro area. With several large events expected to draw crowds in the coming days, health officials have some advice to keep people safe.


KC Streetcar | Keeping the KC Streetcar Clean

As part of our daily maintenance routine, all KC Streetcars receive a thorough cleaning at the end of every day. The cleaning products the team uses are effective against numerous bacteria and viruses, including the Human Coronavirus and Influenza Type A Virus.

Markets Sick Around World

The coronavirus crash has wiped $9 trillion off stocks already. Global markets are still falling

Stocks in Asia declined on Friday, tracking heavy losses on Wall Street as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to fray investors' nerves.

Stocks Continue Slide Despite Prez Trump Assurances

Markets plunge as critics say Trump's desperate efforts to calm the panic have backfired

by Eoin Higgins The stock market plunged 970 points Thursday, or 3.58%, as fears of the economic impact of the global coronavirus outbreak-and President Donald Trump's mishandling of the crisis-continued to roil the world's financial markets after last week's panic sent markets into freefall. "It's kind of like an earthquake-there's the earthquake, which is last [...]

Kansas City Response

A look at how COVID-19 testing is handled locally

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- So far, Kansas and Missouri have no confirmed Coronavirus cases, but who is managing the COVID-19 test kits? If you were thinking you could walk into a local Walgreens for a test kit, think again.

KCI Cleanup

KCI ramps up cleaning efforts during coronavirus outbreak

Kansas City International Airport said it has ramped up cleaning efforts to protect the health and well-being of travelers and its employees during fast-moving outbreak of the coronavirus."Custodial crews are more frequently checking and restocking rest room soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels," airport officials said in a news release posted on its website."They are also stepping up cleaning and disinfecting efforts in rest rooms and other high-contact areas such as doors, drinking fountains and counters.

Local COVID-19 Arts & Crafts

Coronavirus: As sanitizer flies off the shelves, here's how to make your own

KANSAS CITY METRO (KCTV) -- As strange as it is to say, hand sanitizer is now a hot commodity. Online retailers, name-brand products and generics are selling out and listed as currently unavailable. Even locally in stores like the Walmart in Oak Grove, there are some places that are limiting how many bottles you can buy per person.

Developing . . .


  1. The chamber is leading the effort for local calm. So KC residents should really think about hiding their wallets.

    1. ^^^ +1

      This probably means another tax increase is on the way.

    2. KC Corona Tax.

  2. Trump can't have it both ways, if he's going to brag about how he's responsible for economic gains then he has to take responsibility for the decline of the markets that's largely based on his blunders handling this disease.

    Truth is, even if most people don't understand, this is about something more important than money. All Americans should want to save and help people who might suffer during this outbreak. The best thing we can do is stay calm and help keep our own spaces clean.

    Wash your hands!

    1. Public health officials and their guidance is nice but often overrated. Here's a good example for you Tk:

      Health official goes viral after licking finger during coronavirus briefing

    2. It's also more important than politics and the latest get-Trump scenario.

  3. Don't really know what the streetcar is talking about. It has been filthy every time I've been aboard.

  4. 7:36 like every piece of shit, low life liberal, doesn't want any crisis to go to waste and wants to politicize the suffering in order to acquire power.


    He may or may not be able to calm the markets, but if he can't, again, you lying piece of fucking shit, it is AN ACT OF GOD.

    Go fuck yourself you contemptible, steaming pile of shit.

  5. "Markets plunge as critics say Trump's desperate efforts to calm the panic have backfired"

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  6. The liberal left wing geezer man Doc Rex is in control.

  7. Stay off the streetcars for your own health and safety.

  8. Trump has done a great job ? Would you like to compare Trump to Obama's Ostrich in the sand move that killed tens of thousands? Think before you type your ignorance of avoidance. Bet you work the CDC and have the inside as well...LOL

  9. Hope that people can come together to help one another. Absolutely agree that the security of the nation is much more important than the non stop left against right bickering.

  10. From the same People that promote sexual practices that spread HIV ( about 50k deaths annually related to ) and illegal drugs ( about 500k ), that don't believe in Vaccinations and want open borders. Please voice more Concerns over anyone else. Are you for real ? You have heard of all the other disease and illness escalating due to open borders ? Nope, too busy worried about your dropped penny.

  11. Geezers geezing while the virus is creeping up on you. Classic.

  12. I know I still hate Obama for that 7.2 earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

    He let it happen on purpose.

    Liberals are such lying filth.

  13. 8:32 please get cancer in your eyes.

  14. Belligerently ignorant Millennials, like the "Ok Boomer" guy, who think that history began when they were born, are no longer drinking Corona beer while watching "The View" in their parent's basement.

    Lets hope, that more than anything, the virus will force the realization upon Americans that we can no longer have an open border, and that we cannot offer free healthcare to illegal immigrants. Pie in the sky bullshit policies from SJW politicians will destroy this country.

    Companies that rethought and changed their supply chains out of China are patting themselves on their back while those decided to ride out "Trump's trade war" are kicking themselves. Plus, how long will it be before the next "pandemic" comes out of China? Will it take another 17 years or will it be sooner?

    While Progressives are trying to leverage power out of this virus, lets hope the President can help solve the problem as much as is humanly possible.

    8:33 is correct, the earthquake in Haiti, was NOT Obama's fault.

  15. 97% of people who get Corona virus WILL NOT DIE!!!! Sad for the other 3%, but that is life.

  16. Go to work chuck.

  17. CNN Anderson Cooper reports:
    Be sure to wash your testicles for 20 seconds with soap and water.

  18. "Lets hope, that more than anything, the virus will force the realization upon Americans that we can no longer have an open border, and that we cannot offer free healthcare to illegal immigrants."

    And yet the infections to date appear to have come via air, and we don't offer free health care to illegal aliens. Weird.

    1. Except that every Democrat candidate has endorsed free healthcare for illegals. SO weird!

  19. ^^ha!!! So true. Remember, facts don't matter to Trumptards. I see you!


    (KCATA Public Service Announcement) -- 25 million anal visitors, and everyone rides for free!!!

  21. ^^^9:13 and 9:21 - Chimpy talking to himself again. Try to not make it so obvious, li'l fella!

  22. "...the decline of the markets that's largely based on his blunders handling this disease." Bullshit. It was interruption of the international supply chain and uncertainty about future global markets that caused the stock sell-off (and incidentally created buying opportunities). To try to put the blame on Trump, as usual, is why there's a "D" in TDS. (Maybe there should be two Ds: one for Delusion and one for Dishonest.)

  23. ^^Umm no, sorry. If Trump takes credit when the market goes up, he must take the blame when it goes down. It is his fault all of it! How's your 401k by the way? MAGA! Everything he touches dies.

    1. Oh Chimpy. You know so little. There's been a global economic disruption due to disease!

      Stick to bananas, clown. Lol

  24. Maybe we should consult with Zombie Joe Biden.

  25. ^^Yes! But first let's consult with Dementia Donnie!

  26. The Coronavirus hasn't been confirmed PUBLICLY in KC. Q is more concerned with appearances and is trying to wait it through the Big 12 tournament. He's putting not only the city but the region in a bad bad position so he can look to have something positive in his poor tenure so far. This is going to have bad repercussions for the city. I recommend you don't go to the Big 12 tournament this weekend because the corona virus is going to hit the KC area hard. Know i'm just a random anonymous dude on the internet so I understand if you don't want to listen to me.

    1. "I recommend you don't go to the Big 12 tournament this weekend because the corona virus is going to hit the KC area hard."

      Oh, hi, it's great to have a website specializing in fearmongering so you can spread your stupid rumors and speculation isn't it? Really responsible.

  27. "Act Of God" hunh?
    So you're saying God wants Trump out of Office too?

  28. ^^Correct. We don't want to listen to you.

  29. ^^^ Th don't listen - just read instead.

  30. ^^Nah, you can't even spell.

  31. "And yet the infections to date appear to have come via air, and we don't offer free health care to illegal aliens."

    1. Illegals do exhale, cough and sneeze, so if one has Corona virus he or she is spreading it VIA AIR.

    2. So you're saying that if we did offer free (to them, not to us) health care to illegals, Corona virus would no longer spread via air? Or if not, what exactly is your point?

  32. Tells is like it is3/6/20, 1:02 PM

    Anonymous A la Turk said...
    Trump can't have it both ways, if he's going to brag about how he's responsible for economic gains then he has to take responsibility for the decline of the markets that's largely based on his blunders handling this disease.

    7:36 is spot on. Please list the blunders you speak of. Just another case of TDS virus from a lobotomy failure.

    As Trump said several times, if he cured cancer tomorrow, you libtards would find fault.

    Additionally, if you're smart, now's the time to buy into the market. I have and I have confidence it will turn out to be a wise move.

  33. 12:09: Did you fail reading comprehension again?

  34. ^^No. We are not going to list those blunders, because you won't listen. It's a waste of everybody's time talking to Trumpkins. Those facts are out there, YOU go find them Here's a clue though...you won't find them on Fox News or Breitbart. The truth's out there but I bet you're too dumb to find it.

  35. "KC Streetcars receive a thorough cleaning at the end of every day."

    And during the day when riders are coughing and sneezing all over everything?

  36. The panic will go away as soon as their isn't any more money to be made from it.

  37. The Trump blunders have been listed on TKC in multiple previous threads. Trump supporters are regular readers. They know that. They ignore the facts. But I can post them again if you really want it.

    First off snowflakes, Trump isn't getting blamed for the virus. Trump is getting blamed for his response, or lack thereof, which includes denial of the virus as a hoax, politicizing it by blaming Democrats and Obama, lying about the stats (number of cases, time for vaccines development, fatality rate, etc.), and lying about his actions (i.e. he never closed the borders to stop it and there are not millions of test kit deployed this week).

    Bush wasn't blamed for Katrina. He was blamed for his response. Unqualified department heads leading the effort, officials slow to react, and underfunding the recovery effort. Trump has committed the exact same errors and worse. Bush didn't propose cuts to NOAA, weather satellites and hurricane hunters that hurt our readiness. Trump did propose drastic cuts to CDC and eliminated global pandemic teams that would have addressed this from the start. He doesn't listen to intelligence briefings. Bush didn't dismiss the hurricane as hoax or say most people affected are just fine. Trump is dismissing the suffering caused by the spreading of the virus and can just go to work.

    The event is natural. Hurricanes, earthquakes, viruses happen. It's the preparation, impact, and after response by our leaders that impact the suffering and turn it into an actual disaster.

    This isn't a 9/11 event. It didn't just suddenly happen, like Trump said today. The incoming plane in this case left China over 2 months ago. What if Bush knew the planes attacking America were launched July 1st, that we were watching the movement incoming, and he did nothing or worse, said the planes weren't really a danger.

    To properly understand Trump's screw-ups, you need to drop the blind cult loyalty and see what is really happening. It's not about hate or left verses right. It's science & competence verses ignorance & denial.

    1. @2:08 FOR THE WIN!

      Nice. EXCELLENT COMMENT! THANK YOU! Seldomly are the long comments worth it but I'm pretty sure you NAILED it.

    2. 'Seldomly'? Really?

      Low-information voters for the win!

  38. Okay, go to the Big 12 tournament. Prove me wrong. This is the biggest international event since WWII and it's just getting started.

  39. ^True that @2:08, but you have to remember, Trumptards don't live in reality. Any negative press is an attack on their dear, dear leader and that can't be tolerated. Somewhere, down depp, deep, inside, they know they backed a loser. To admit this at this late point would be tantamount to admitting their all morons. So good luck with that even if the rest of the world already knows this as fact.

  40. Stop lying about my record.

    Right-wing media are now circulating a fraudulent argument to defend the Trump administration’s handling of novel coronavirus strain COVID-19, by suggesting there was six months of inaction by the Obama administration on the H1N1 flu, also commonly known as “swine flu,” back in 2009.

    They have begun this entire attack with a lie.

    The Obama administration declared swine flu, or H1N1, a public health emergency six weeks before H1N1 was declared a pandemic.

    No H1N1 deaths had yet been recorded in the United States.

    Lying about Obama doesn't make yourself or Trump look better. It's a false deflection that only highlights Trump's incompetence and makes it look even worse.

  41. ^^^ H1N1 is not Coronavirus. If you want to stop the lies, start with yourself!.

  42. 3:27 is a literally strawman. Funny to watch libs make nonsense fallacies and argue with stuff they made up in their heads

  43. ^^OK Boomer.

  44. Cancel the 1% earnings tax.
    It hurts the poor.
    KC shows how much it hurts the poor and hates the poor by the 1% tax.

    Did you know the original KC Star endorsed the 1% tax?

  45. " Trump is getting blamed for his response, or lack thereof, which includes denial of the virus as a hoax...." Trump did not call the virus a hoax. That's just another CNN/MSNBC lie, which you repeat mindlessly. Trump called the media coverage of the virus another hoax, and he was absolutely right.

    Look it up. Or rather, pay someone to look it up for you.

  46. I don't think the Big 12 tournament is the biggest international event since WWII, 3:16. Hell, the Little League World Series is bigger.

  47. Donald J Trump at a rally3/6/20, 5:02 PM

    "One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over, they’ve been doing it since you got in. It’s all turning, they lost, it’s all turning. Think of it. Think of it. And this is their new hoax. But you know, we did something that’s been pretty amazing. We’re 15 people [cases of coronavirus infection] in this massive country. And because of the fact that we went early, we went early, we could have had a lot more than that.

    So a number that nobody heard of that I heard of recently and I was shocked to hear it, 35,000 people on average die each year from the flu. Did anyone know that? 35,000. That’s a lot of people. It could go to 100,000, it could be 27,000, they say usually a minimum of 27, it goes up to 100,000 people a year who die, and so far we have lost nobody to coronavirus in the United States. Nobody. And it doesn’t mean we won’t, and we are totally prepared, it doesn’t mean we won’t. But think of it. You hear 35 and 40,000 people, and we’ve lost nobody, and you wonder, the press is in hysteria mode."

    Set aside that Trump's is rambling and incoherent, read what he said. Trump said Russia was a hoax, even though members of his campaign and administration went to jail over it. Russians were also charged. Mueller wrote hundreds of pages detailing the dealings with Russia. It was not a hoax. Trump said impeachment was a hoax, even though the House called witnesses, heard testimony, voted to impeach, and the Senate held a trial. So again not a hoax. It happened. Now Trump is say the scope of the virus is small and the real numbers pushed by the Democrats is a hoax. It's not. We have WHO global numbers and documented cases. It's not a hoax.

    In general, people are not interested in splitting hairs on this. If Trump wants to avoid the accusation, then he needs to stopping saying everything is a hoax, like global warming is Chinese hoax. On the virus, by just saying hoax in any context, he undermines government medical responses and confuses people about how serious this is, no matter what he might really mean. His defenders are basically arguing here that he isn't lying about the virus, he's just a bad communicator. OK whatever, I don't really care. His defenders also argued he didn't say "shithole" countries. Some heard him say "shithouse" countries. Sorry, it's a distinction without difference.

    He just needs to stop saying hoax and contradicting his CDC people, period.

  48. Holy shit, the cultists have taken a beating today! Geezers down! American carnage everywhere. At least most scurried away, like the cockroaches they are, when slapped with reality.

    1. Oh Chimpy. You like to play along like a real person lol

  49. If the smart dumbasses that run this city can figure out how to use the Corona Virus BS scare and fill some potholes well then you will be winners, I hope Mayor Q blows a tire on a pothole, and if he gets the Corona Virus he can thank his democrat party for creating it, ya it started in china, but the Virus was created in the US.


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