Monday, March 09, 2020

Kansas City Stays Losing Airbnb Biz

Here's public radio asking for YET ANOTHER MUNICIPAL TAX CRACKDOWN ON LOCAL TECH SCENE and this move might make neighborhoods happy given that so many mini-hotels now litter communities from Dowtowntown to Midtown. Take a look:

Other Missouri Cities Make Millions By Taxing Airbnb, While Kansas City Misses Out

As Kansas City proposes to slash nearly $900,000 from the budget of the city's tourism agency, it appears to be leaving at least that much on the table because it doesn't collect lodging taxes from Airbnb and other short-term guest rentals.


Anonymous said...

And the city also loses a lot of money by not collecting property taxes on the value of the Star's Truman Road print shop. Odd that the article doesn't mention it.

Anonymous said...

Right a newspaper is so priceless.

Anonymous said...

Other Cities have Tourists coming to them and staying at those Airbnbs though.

Hell, even our Hotels struggle to make the 40% Occupancy Rate that they need in order to keep their doors open.

Two or three events a year aren't going to bring in enough to support the Tourist Infrastructure we have, so perpetual Taxpayer subsidies will have to become permanent.

Anonymous said...

Has the city collected back taxes on guest KC Star editorialists?
Even if they voluntarily wrote- that’s money the Star made.
Let’s collect those dollars and put them to use!