Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kansas City 'Stay At Home' Order Earns National Political Coverage

Linked just so our readers can see how this move looks from the outside . . . Read more:

Kansas City, area counties to enact 'stay at home' order due to coronavirus spread

Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Quinton Lucas announced a "stay at home" order Saturday, requiring city residents to remain in their homes except for performing "essential activities" amid the coronavirus pandemic. "As community spread of COVID-19 continues throughout our region, we are taking aggressive action to flatten the curve and protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters," said Lucas said in a Saturday statement.


  1. Wow, Quinton has got to be in seventh heaven at this point. First he gets national coverage over a dyslexic poll worker's error and now this. He's got to be thinking Senator Lucas!

    1. We already have a gay congress member, Sharice. We don’t need another one in Washington.

  2. Candice must be short of food in the crisis.
    Her tits are shrinking.

  3. Fucking ridiculous.

  4. 9:34 someone needs to tell her to put her fake titties back in.

  5. 9:09 comment
    Was 1st and nailed it!

    Mayor Selfie-Q SO DESPERATELY loves the media spotlight:
    Free bus fares!
    Sues a gun manufacturer!
    Turned away at polling place!
    Coronavirus Stay At Home orders!

    But..still can't wear a mask while he travels the city and holds media events multiple times a day.
    What if Mayor Selfie-Q is a virus super-spreader?

  6. Somebody needs to be adult and lead.

    Trump won't order any shutdowns. Parsons won't order any shutdowns. They are both AWOL.

    Thank you Lucas!

  7. All the leftist traitor is trying to do is to curry favor with his democrat leftist traitors in Washington for his” brave and decisive action”. The worthless fag could care less about us our jobs or our families just like his Washington wanna be predecessor they’re all worthless.

  8. ^^^Ugh huh. Fascinating. OK Boomer. Tick tock time’s a wast in’. Bye bye Boomer.

  9. Your local governments are going to have half of you unemployed,And you are concerned about D.C.WHEN Business closes down it has a ripple affect. THE BEEF INDUSTRY can't deliver to reasturants ect.Some have there hours cut. There will be lower beef prices .Supply company's that do business with restaurants and other industries will have layoffs. It's a chain reaction .When you worry about D.C.IS something that you don't have control over. Worry about your community And get your citizens back to work .This local economy is being torn apart. Yes it's a bad cold virus .And we have had many over the past one hundred years. Don't be afraid of the City leaders. They could have this going on until June. Missouri and Kansas will have a handful of virus .N.Y.AND CALIFORNIA will have tens of thousands, and they will still close Kansas City down.

  10. Why is Overland Park Racquet Club still open? Its parking lot is packed when I drove by. I thought on the 17th it was declared no more than 10 people could meet per JOCO health dept. Guess the tennis players dont care who dies. If one of us dies.



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