Kansas City Star Scare Tactics Warn Of Imaginary Quarantine Police Powers

Here's a glimpse of newspaper fearmongering and hypothetical scenarios . . . More likely, most people follow "distancing" guidelines out of self preservation and because there's a dearth of activities available right now . . . Still, this freebie bit of content offers readers one more reason to give into panic as the newspaper proves no better than any other media outlet when it comes to hyping this pandemic. Checkit:

In coronavirus fight, Kansas and Missouri hold 'awesome' powers to isolate you

Kansas and Missouri hold sweeping, authoritarian-like powers to separate from their friends, families and communities anyonewho has coronavirus or has been exposed to it. Health officials can order you to stay in your home or keep you in a secluded location. Neighborhoods and even entire cities can be locked down.


  1. Need to keep some of these people home. Of the 7 people I watched cough on Friday . All coughed openly within feet of others. We have a Metro full of Impudent People.


  2. People don't wash their hands either, and they don't teach their kids good hygiene. Their kids are gross!

  3. The KC Star’s coverage of the virus is horrendous.
    Every TV station website is more timely.
    Paywall up, Paywall down... up.. down.. down ...up.
    Learn from the TV stations that actually make money... change your business model.They keep doing the same thing - insanity according to Einstein.

    Virus coverage here was meant to be outlandish and not reality.

    Hey KC Star... Derek et. em. : Use the sports reporters to get human interest stories. Use video and create your own YouTube channel and be timely. There is actually good news in the virus- Can you find it?

  4. Love 8:21's suggestions! Yes.
    What would it take for America to see this as our practice run--to realize we are All One?
    Or how about to think of this as a grand experiment not in Suffering and Hoarding, but America Goes Glamping.

    After all, we have electricity and water. Warm beds. Just that one step up the language ladder would elevate our moods and outlooks.

    If the STAR really cared, maybe they would amend their paywall for three weeks. Let folks staying in their homes read for free, since they might be unemployed and thus this is NOT the time to subscribe.

    (I did get MY online subscription for $20 for the entire YEAR. Just had to ask, because I had seen it, then the offer disappeared, but by mentioning it, the nice man in the Phillipines (the STAR's marketing dept) honored it.)

  5. Funny, they don’t even know who has the virus. It’s impossible to “hold” someone if you don’t know they’re even affected. With the lack of test kits, how on earth do they plan to enforce quarantine?

  6. Martial law is coming.

  7. "This is fearmongering," according to the king of fearmongering, except it isn't, it's actually factual and informative.


  8. 943 is right and all the arguing will be for after the crisis.

  9. It was an OK story. But bringing up mandatory quarantine and connecting it to COVID-19 is just yellow journalism. COVID isn't smallpox, cholera or the pneumonic plague, which are the kinds of epidemics the law is intended to contain. Unlike those diseases, nearly everyone who gets the coronavirus will survive.

  10. If you think the TP hoarding is nutty, just try to implement a total lockdown. Then you will see true fear and people will behave like in the book, Lord of the Flies.


    An elderly Falling Star subscriber anxiously watches the driveway for a Saturday paper that will never arrive!!!

  12. But the commie red star wants exactly this kind of control over the people

  13. ^^but nobody reads the Star Maude!


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