Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Kansas City Real Estate Agents REFUSE To Admit Coronavirus Impact On Selling Season

The industry line is to deny any setback, even the Biz Journal carries this odd rebuttal of reality via listing stats from before the stay at home order took effect.

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Could coronavirus disrupt the housing market in Kansas City?

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Coronavirus is causing the shutdown of businesses and schools, so what does this mean for people buying and selling homes? KCTV5 News' Abby Dodge asked experts about their experience with the pandemic and if it could disrupt the housing market in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Just rich Russians buying One Two Light anyway.

Anonymous said...

Housing Markets been tanking here since 2016

Anonymous said...

as a honest realtor, I can say there are NO people looking for homes now. After pending transactions are finished, there will be a standstill. The market will crash as older people must leave their homes and go to assisted living for the rest of their lives due to virus damage. All those houses will hit the market the same time next year, sold "fast" by families and it will crash the home prices. Nobody is gonna rehab a house now. Nationwide there will millions of houses of every price range for sale. Prices are going down next year 45%

Anonymous said...

Values are dropping fast.