Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Kansas City Real Estate Agents Claim Selling Season Continues But Markets Say Otherwise

Of course people selling houses are required to have their "game faces" on at all times but the reality is that this sector of the economy is grinding to a halt like so many others . . . Perspective from the Biz Journal:

"Kansas City-based EPR Properties has felt the most pain of all the area's decliners. The Kansas City-based real estate investment trust (NYSE: EPR) has seen its value plummet from $5.35 billion on Feb. 21 to $1.34 billion today, an unfathomable 75% decline in just 16 trading days."

Sales talk from TV news:

Kansas City realtor anticipates strong housing market despite COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, MO - Despite job losses and orders for people to stay home, the Kansas City housing market is still a seller's market, according to one local realtor. On Monday, 150 homes hit the market in the Kansas City metro, which provides about two months of inventory, according to Gary Kerley, a realtor with RE/MAX Heritage.


Anonymous said...

The Real Estate Industry Lie?


Anonymous said...

Possibly, but the house next door to mine sold last Saturday, the day after it was listed.

Anonymous said...

Real estate is dead. Thousands of people will be dying in each city next month. The paranoia is just starting. The who USA will have way too much inventory as people pass away. If we loose 3 million people then there will be a flood of homes in 1 year and prices will go back to 1970 levels

Anonymous said...

good. We to lose a bunch of Boomers soon

Retro ROCKER said...

You know how to tell when an agent is lying. Many stated this in 2007. And the bottom dropped out The Market is going Down Down Down. There will be Deflatiron Before HYPER INFLATION .THE prices of homes have to come down so they can become affordable. And with the unemployment rate at over 30 percent. And under employment. How many will have the down-payment .And many higher paying works afraid of layoffs. YOU CAN'T DO BUSINESS WITH SOMEONE WHO DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY OR DON'T WANT TO TAKE OUT A LOAN. IN Bad times .