Thursday, March 26, 2020

Kansas City Politics FAILED To Save Lives During Spanish Flu Of 1918

Let's remember this town is built upon a legacy of corruption that has killed more than a few innocent people . . . Here's one story out of many:

How politics set up KC's disastrous Spanish Flu Epidemic | Kansas City Mag

Photo Courtesy of National Museum of Health and Medicine, Otis Historical Archives "In the time of the flu, Kansas City was divided fifty-fifty between Joe Shannon, who was a Democrat, and Tom Pendergast, who was also a Democrat. They divided up the police department, the health department, the firemen.


Anonymous said...

Fake News. I don't know anyone who died during the Spanish Flu...which was not really Spanish...of 1918. Therefore it's Fake.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Maybe not, but I know an idiot when I see one and that be you.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Lulz. Good article. Too bad it's wasted on TKC morons.