Kansas City Po'Folk Get Porked

A generous PR move shouldn't remind us that Industrial pig farming is one of the most wasteful and environmentally sketchy practices in Missouri . . . But it does. Here's sausage news to help ease guilt:

Pig Farmers Provide 40,000 Servings of Pork to Fight Food Insecurity in Kansas City - Perishable News

KANSAS CITY - To kick off its national forum meeting, the pork industry announced today that nearly 40,000 servings of pork will be donated to Harvesters - The Community Food Network. The donation, made by Prairie Fresh® Pork on behalf of attendees at the industry's annual meeting, will help fight food insecurity in the Kansas City area.


  1. Now that’s recycling right there people, this is meat that they can’t sell so they give it away, they get tax write offs and don’t have to pay to have it dumped in a landfill! Brilliant!

  2. Pig Farms got nothing on us, we have the State's worst air pollution site right here in Town, just across the River from Berkely Park and those "Luxury Apartments"!

  3. If it doesn't come from a fast food joint or QT I doubt the poor will eat it.

  4. Sounds like a very nice gesture to me. Beggars can’t be choosers and the blacks are known for eating chitlins, chicken feet, etc., so I doubt they’ll turn this down.

  5. This is offensive to muslims everywhere


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