Kansas City Newspaperman Claims Mayor Quinton Lucas Played Chicken Little In Overblown Voting Kerfuffle

Normally, we don't like linking Jimmy C because he so often tries to flex as a "power player" influencer rather than simply offering his opinion and experience, which is substantial. In this post, he strikes a PERFECT balance and shares some worthwhile ideas.

Kansas City's youngest mayor earned headlines across the nation and even The New York Times picked up the story . . . With a great deal of expertise and insight, this former newspaper dude shares his media savvy perspective and offers an alternative take . . . Checkit:

Our mayor huffs and puffs and blows his way to undeserved headlines

With Coronavirus and the Democratic primary-election campaign getting most of the attention lately, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas must have been feeling overlooked. That's the only reason I can think of why he acted like the sky was falling after a poll worker got his first and last names transposed and initially refused to let...


  1. Quinton Lucas lies. Drama queen.

  2. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  3. Don from Parkville3/11/20, 9:28 AM

    So every time you start an article with SHAME or DISGRACE we should also dismiss it and call you Chicken Little?

  4. Lucas is making a valid point. We are making it far too difficult to vote -- fo no valid reason. The GOP/FOX Noise machine has successfully created a "default" to not allowing votes to be cast -- and accepting that (some) Americans must wait in line for hours to be allowed to vote at all. If possible, they would want ONLY old, white men to be allowed to vote, but that pesky 14th Amendment means that they have to hang up their hoods and rely on gerrymandering and suppression, not direct intimidation. Burning crosses are so passe, right?

    Repeat after me: THERE IS NO ILLEGAL VOTING PROBLEM. THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD PROBLEM. It is a GOP/FOX Fantasy! Boss Tom is dead, and we cannot convince most folks to vote at all, let alone multiple times. (When Kobach finally got the Legislature to approve his "vote suppression by intimidation" law, the ONLY folks he could find to prosecute were REPUBLICANS who were voting in two states -- in property tax elections!) The real scandal is that even the MAYOR of our City -- who everyone in that room knew -- could have ANY trouble voting.

    If only the GOP were as terrified of coronavirus as they are of democracy.

  5. ^^^ Phil, the GOP isn't terrified, they're just still pissed off that, back when Andy Jackson's Democratic-Republican Party split up, they lost the coin toss and had second choice on a name!

  6. Completely fabricated by Quinton... The Ivy League educated, Law Professor does not have a photo ID with his address on it? So, he takes his utility bill to show proof of ID/address to vote? I think the bigger question here is why does he not have a photo ID with his street address of his city subsidized housing? What IS his real address? And who WHO puts their last name first on their utility bills. Was is it like that on all his bills? Is it policy of KCMO utilities to do this? -NO! We are to assume every agent at every utility entered his names backwards? Come on! This was a ruse, to get publicity and it worked.

    It proves you can't believe what Quinton says or does. Especially, when he tells you he did not know the convention hotel would REQUIRE a $4 million and then almost $2 million tax payer cash directly from the general ledger? He either read the Mike Burke hotel contract in 2015 and knew of this detail and chose not to say anything OR he did not read the contract. In either scenario he is a piss poor contracts law professor!! And even worse public servant in charge of the public purse.

    Lets call the bull shit for what it is - Quinton is full of BULL SHIT!

  7. Candarella, How much candy have you eaten honey?

  8. This was definitely NOT an example of how difficult it is to vote. The problem was the stupidity of the poll worker. At my polling place, we've had a few who were not particularly familiar with the alphabet. Had the poll worker put Lucas's name in properly, OR had Lucas been paying close enough attention to correct the mistake, Lucas would have voted without a hitch. But the error gave Lucas a chance to grandstand, so it worked out well for him.


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