Kansas City Neighborhoods Push Back Against City Hall Weed Pardon

Alternative and worthwhile counterpoint to recent weed debate at 12th & Oak. This local resident questions the logic of local weed tolerance, forgiveness and permissiveness amid the rising crime rate. Checkit:

Defining the limit on proposed marijuana pardons

Kalie Strain Editorial Assistant On Feb. 12 during the State of the City address, Mayor Quinton Lucas stated he is going to begin pardoning people with Kansas City municipal marijuana violations. Mayor Lucas' pardoning abilities are limited to municipal violations only and these pardons will not apply to those who have a state or federal charge.


  1. Marijuana is good for you...menthol cigs are bad.

  2. Hate Blacks much ? Racist fuck..

  3. Talk about a misleading headline!

    No one was opposed to Lucas' pardoning. Everyone else wanted the State to go further and decriminalize. No "Neighborhood Pushback" exists.


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