Kansas City Municipal Court Adapts To Coronavirus State Of Emergency Declaration

A note from City Hall and a glimpse at how the pandemic has started to impact the local justice system . . .

Municipal Court adjusts court dates for pending cases after COVID-19 State of Emergency

Municipal Court judges voted at an emergency meeting on Thursday to modify court operations in the interest of public health and after Mayor Quinton Lucas declared a State of Emergency, allowing the City to take measures to reduce the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.

In support of the City’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by limiting social contact, the Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court is taking the following actions:

- Court hearings starting March 16 through April 10 for defendants not in custody will be continued to a later date except for Domestic Violence Court, Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Veterans Treatment Court cases which will be held as scheduled.

- New court dates for continued cases will be mailed to defendants at the address on file. If you have a pending case, you must keep your address updated with the court. To update your address, email court@kcmo.org or call 816-513-2700.

- All walk-in dockets from March 16 through April 10 are cancelled.

- Probationers can contact their probation officers for possible alternatives to in-person reporting. You may contact your probation officer directly or by email at probation@kcmo.org or call 816-513-2700.

- Victims and City witnesses should contact the City Prosecutor’s Office for information. You may contact the City Prosecutor’s office by email at witness@kcmo.org or by phone at 816-513-6750.

- Municipal Court will remain open for business.

- Payments are encouraged to be made online at www.kcmo.gov/court or by mail at P.O Box 219381, Kansas City, MO 64121-9381.

Find court information and pay fines in full online at www.kcmo.gov/court. For more information, contact the 311 Action Center or email court@kcmo.org.

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  1. I hope that the only people who get the virus and die are attorneys. Didnt the colonial military say "first lets kill all the lawyers"? If it wasn't for medical lawsuits, we would have a robust medical system that could easily handle the virus.

  2. ^^^ Stupid and irresponsible.

  3. What a coincidence, the weather is warming up and those golf clubs need to be used.

  4. Where did you get that idea? You will never have a robust Healthcare System when it is unfair due to people's economic class that is never going to be robust for anyone other than the people who can afford it people who are poor could never pay what walk-in cash prices are I find it very strange that if you have a $50,000 Bill and insurance company pays about $6,000 however they charge you fifty that's not robust that's Criminal our Healthcare System is corrupt they charge what they want when they want There's No Limit they have no caps they're free to basically bankrupt anyone they want to their free to put you in financial Dire Straits to the degree you can't even put food on the table we have a for-profit medical system which will never be robust for anyone but the top 4% of earners so go on with your bad self on that one that's absolutely uneducated propaganda it's Ludacris that anyone to even believe that

  5. The circuit court will still be open, with hundreds passing through and crowded court rooms. It's a fucking breeding ground for disease. The court system will be the key player in spreading this to the whole area. The judges will have blood on their hands.

  6. 6:54, take a valium and try again.

  7. ^^^ +10000000


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