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Kangaroo COVID-19 Coverage

State of Coronavirus in Kansas City Metro

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced LAST WEEK that the city is under a state of emergency for at least 21 days. "Protecting all of our residents remains our top priority, which means that how we interact over the weeks and months ahead will need to change dramatically as we confront our current public health challenge," said Lucas.

Local Road Work Redux

Construction to begin on Interstate 35 under the 75th Street bridge in Overland Park

The Kansas Department of Transportation will begin widening Interstate 35 under the 75th Street bridge in Overland Park, which is one of the worst bottlenecks in the Kansas City metro.

Note To Meth Town Parents

School canceled in Independence until March 30

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) - The Independence School District has made the decision to cancel school until March 30 due to COVID-19. According to the district, students should not show up at school tomorrow. They said staff members who would report for a professional development day should do so, however.

Chiefs Comeback???

Kansas City Chiefs: The Indianapolis Colts Have Mystery Competition For Eric Berry

The Kansas City Chiefs might not be looking to bring Eric Berry back, but it looks like his playing days are not behind him. The Inquisitr reported earlier the Indianapolis Colts are hot on the safety's trail. Now new reports indicate they are far from the only team interested in the former Chiefs star.

Insta-Hotness In The Era Of Anti-Feminist Push Back

Yesy Naya Ass in Red Lingerie Photoshoot 2020

Yesy Naya Ass in Red Lingerie Photoshoot 2020, Yesy Naya, Lingerie, Photoshoot,

Stock Slide Cont'd

Dow Futures 'Limit Down', Global Stocks Plunge, As Emergency Fed Rate Cut Fails to Halt Coronavirus Sell-Off

Global stocks plunged Monday, while U.S. equity futures hit 'limit down' levels for a third time in less than a week, as investors reacted to an emergency rate cut from the Federal Reserve and came to terms with the extent of the economic damage wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Prez Trump Works To Calm Markets In Crisis

Trump says 'relax,' urges against hoarding as coronavirus cases soar and Fed cuts rates to zero

President Donald Trump urged Americans not to hoard food on Sunday during a White House press conference that came just minutes after the Federal Reserve announced new steps to shield the American economy from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. "You don't have to buy so much," Trump said.

Airport Hot Mess Underway

Illinois governor: 'The federal government needs to get its s@#t together'

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker had stern words for the White House on Saturday night as reports flooded in about lengthy lines and overcrowding at airports as travelers attempted to get into the U.S. amid new coronavirus-imposed screenings. Pritzker criticized President Donald Trump and his administration on Twitter as the new screenings were implemented for those returning to the U.S.

Holy Land Transition

Ganz Chosen To Form Government, Netanyahu Argues To Stay PM Over Coronavirus Concerns

In a setback for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's president said Sunday he will give centrist retired army general Benny Gantz the first chance to try to form a new government following this month's inconclusive elections. Gantz was tapped after a majority of 61 lawmakers in the 120-member Parliament told President Reuven Rivlin they support Gantz over Netanyahu.

Old School Artisan Goodness

This Independence Woman Collects Intricate Art Pieces Woven From The Hair Of Thousands

Listen to this episode of A People's History Of Kansas City, a new podcast from KCUR 89.3. For more stories like this one, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. It was 1956 in Kansas City. Leila Cohoon had just left her job at a salon to find some new shoes for Easter on the Country Club Plaza.

Football Deal Approved

NFL players ratify new CBA, likely setting off a wave of activity

As reported by ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, members of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) have voted to accept the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Storms On The Way

Weather Blog: There are 3 chances of rain this week

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- We just couldn't shake the cloudy, gloomy skies on Sunday and it looks like a new week brings several chances of rain. The first chance of rain this week moves in just before sunrise Monday morning. Nothing heavy, but it might rain lightly for about five hours Monday morning.

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  1. The booty is your duty. Thanks for the links TKC.


  2. Sly James and Quinton Lucas buddy and leader, mayor DeBlosio from NY has shut down schools and restaurants so expect the same for KC, they always do what the NY mayor does regardless of rather it's right or wrong for our city.

  3. And how's that 401(k) thingy workin' out for ya?

    The National ASSociation Of Toilet Seat Manufacturers names its 2020 Spokesmodel.

  5. Netanyahu goes to Jail, doo-dah, doo-dah!
    Prosecutors on his tail, oh, doo-dah-day!
    Ganz will make sure he is gone, doo-dah, doo-dah!
    Won't hear Benny from now on, oh, doo-dah-day!

  6. Good news--gas is cheap!!! Bad news--there's no place to go.

  7. Can't tell which is the bigger Ass, the top photo of this thread or the top photo two threads up!

  8. MAGA! Everything Trump touches dies! Markets crashing once again today. This is why he'll be one and done. MAGA!!!

  9. @6:44 Same as it's working out for you..... if you were smart enough to have a 401k.

  10. ^^That's why you should have never voted for a republican. They ALWAYS wreck the economy. They have zero fiscal sense. How's the national debt doing as well? Bloated? Skyrocketing? Well thank god those corporations got that tax break so they could buy back more of their shares. MAGA!

  11. 8:06: And yet almost all of the Trump gains are gone. Weird.

  12. When Trump took Office the Dow Jones Industrial Average was $19,827.25 (01/20/17). As I type this, the DJI is at $21,372.66.

    So, after three years and two months in Office, Trump's economic miracle has right now resulted in a market gain of 12% plus a TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS increase in the US Deficit!


  13. Once again "The Donald" gets in touch with his inner Chip Diller...

  14. Emergency! Dispatch a truckload of Depends to the White House--extra huuuuuuuge!

  15. Trump said Relax.

    His staff thought he said Ex-Lax.

    That damn incoherent slurring got him in trouble.

  16. And all the Pumpkin's horses and all the Pumpkin's men can find their stock market gains again.

  17. Out of every eight dollars your 401(k) had yesterday, one dollar has vanished into the pockets of the Wealthy today!

    The Dow Jones is now, three years and two months later, $361.27 higher than it was on the day Donald Trump took Office!


    "Leadership means…
    Whatever happens, you’re responsible.
    If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible."

    Donald Trump, Nov. 8, 2013


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