Kansas City Medical Research Unlocks Memory Mystery At Cellular Level

Fascinating discovery uncovered right here at Kansas City offers more insight into the human condition and how our thoughts are an integral part of our body, not just the brain . . . Read more:

How the historically misunderstood amyloid helps to store memories

For the first time, scientists from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research and collaborators have described the structure of an endogenously sourced, functioning neuronal amyloid at atomic resolution. The amyloid is composed of self-aggregated Orb2, the fruit fly version of the mRNA-binding cytoplasmic polyadenylation element-binding (CPEB) protein, which has been linked to long-term memory storage.


  1. Sadly too late for Sleepy Joe Biden.

  2. ^^Not against Dementia Donnie it's not.


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