Kansas City March Madness: School District Honcho And Van Horn Coach Engage In Tough Talk After Lincoln Prep Game

Call this one a provisionally accredited life lesson as the newspaper reports on high school b-ball games and social media hateration from behind the comfort of their paywall. A freebie tweet pretty much explains the sitch. Here's the tease for busybodies:

KCPS superintendent and Van Horn coach have heated exchange after Lincoln Prep game

The wife of Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent Mark Bedell says Van Horn High School's head basketball coach, in an exchange with her husband after a game, made disparaging comments, got aggressive and frightened their daughter, who is in third grade.


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  3. Bedell getting his pawns in place before demanding a $750,000 contract buyout.

  4. At least no one fired mindlessly into the crowd.

  5. The Star's story features quotes from Mrs. Bedell and her supporters, but none from the Van Horn coach or anyone who might clarify the incident from his point of view, nor any assurance that the reporter tried to make contact with anyone from that group. Slanted news is the Star's specialty. It deserves to die.

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