Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Taxpayers were promised a professional NBA or NHL team back when voters approved hundreds of millions worth of taxes to finance the Sprint Center. The architect of that deal/betrayal is now pushing up daisies and the downtown venue was eventually promoted as a performance venue for mostly B-list bands on the last leg of their tour.

Thankfully, there are still very optimistic and creative people in town who share their fantasies about politicos keeping their word. Take a look:

How Tim Canton is courting the NBA to KC

Photo courtesy of Tim Canton. Tim KC Canton is one of our favorite dudes in the city. From co-founding Panic Fest to his work with Boom Howdy, he just exudes a love for this town. Hell, his middle name is KC. He was born to champion this community.


Anonymous said...

Another way to eventually take our tax dollars instead of fix the potholes.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that it is always about the money. KC just does not have the money to support NBA or NHL sports. They are incredibly expensive and you have to have headquarters of fortune 500 companies to foot the bill, we don't. It is time to stop this folly and realize that the Sprint/T-Mobile center is a concert/monster truck/ Big 12 BB venue.

Anonymous said...

After a number of years, people in a market get conditioned to follow certain sports - in KC baseball/football primarily. It would be difficult to generate the necessary fan support/interest once the novelty wore off.

If KC were about twice its current population and buying power of if we didn't already have 3 professional teams, then it would probably work.

Anonymous said...

The Sprint Center was built to retain the Big 12 Tounament and host concerts. An NBA team was never promised!! Ask Steve Gloriosso!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Can't - Glorioso is roasting in Hell like all Republicans!

Anonymous said...

@10:10AM...that's not true. That's the story now. People changed it hoping you forgot. That wasn't the story then.

Then mayor Kay Waldo Barnes and Steve Gloriosso all but promised us an NBA or NHL team if we build the Sprint Center. The talk was, "If we build it, they will come." Remember it was also going to be paid for by people outside the region.

So we built it, and it looked like a team was coming. The Penguins were looking for a new area. So was the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Coyotes. Hell, there was talk that the Kings were going to move back to Kansas City. But they all got new arena's and now it looks like a team isn't moving here.

That's when the people who had to justify the Sprint Center changed the story. Now it was built for concerts, major events or to keep the Big 12 basketball tournament here. NO....NO IT WASN"T.

It was built for KC to get an NBA or NHL team. It was built to have an anchor tenant so that the Power and Light won't bleed money. NONE of that happened. And yes people say SC is doing great. But if it is doing great why are Power and Light always bleeding money?

SC was a waste of money. The state doesn't even have a Big 12 team, shouldn't KC try to get the SEC basketball tournament?

Anonymous said...

The P&L District corporate welfare **costs** KCMO residents $12M/year right out of the general fund. Total expected welfare over debt obligation is $240M. Thanks for nothing former City leaders!

Anonymous said...

We don’t need an NBA team. That would be 12-14 more black people and we already have too many of them.

Anonymous said...

3 professional teams? You’re not seriously counting our soccer team, are you? Soccer doesn’t really qualify as a sport. It’s a game played by faggy Europeans and third-world shithole countries.