Kansas City Health Department Warns Of 100K Local Flu Cases This Season

A reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic isn't the only health danger confronting locals. Here's the latest:

Kansas City Health Department says there's been more than 10,000 cases of influenza in city

fears about the Corona virus have been over shadowing the flu, which infects and kills many more people and is on the rise here in the U. S. As what appears to be a second wave of the flu spreads, parents are being warned that this flu season has been the worst one for Children in a decade.


  1. 10,000 to 6...

  2. It will soon be 10,000 to 300,000 with over 30,000 dead in this area. If you know someone over 85, there is a good chance they will pass away. Very sad.

  3. ^^^ doubtful. That just sounds like someone who is scared. We must be brave and protect our selves and others.


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