Credit to Councilman Brandon Ellington for some clever naming and Coronavirus costume theatrics in order to express concerns about the current $1.7 BILLION budget that didn't really take into account reduced revenues impacted by the current pandemic. Take a look:

KC city business continues despite having half of the council under quarantine

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Six members of the KC City Council are now under self-quarantine, which meant Thursday afternoon's council meeting looked a lot different than usual. There were a number of changes visible at City Hall, starting as soon as people stepped off the elevator and were greeted by a "handshake free zone" sign and another sign at the door to the council chamber indicating a 30 people limit.


  1. King County, Washington is building out a hospital on a soccer field to augment the local hospital system. Jackson County? KCMO? These govt. entities are unable to change a budget and shift dollars from unnecessary projects and fundings. KCMO burns Millions of dollars in the budget on pure garbage. 18th and Vine, Street Car, Empty bus services, Jazz Museum, Linwood Grocery??? And the City will hope the Feds will come in and help out. Well, it does not look like that will happen...Sky James, Jermaine Reed, E. Clever, tragic.

  2. Who is that dumb ass clowncil person? Doesn’t he know he’s got the wrong mask on? I’m telling you man, the koloreds are freaking out over coronavirus.

  3. Where’s that awesome wickham and James group to save the day! Hahahahaha!

  4. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Covid-19 is the deadliest global pandemic humankind has ever faced, and that we have no choice but to cancel everything, confine everyone inside their home, wreck the entire global economy, force working class people even further into debt, pour trillions into the investment banks, cancel elections, censor the Internet, and otherwise implement a global police state.

  5. Wrong mask. Idiot


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