Kansas City Friday Alternative Take: Cyclist Seyz Bike Riding Bucks The System

In much the same way that the Internets changed cycling marketing, we aren't afraid to consider other perspectives.

And so, given our objections to so many misguided bike lane projects and the myth of "toxic driving culture" in the metro . . . We can't help but admit that this recent reply to a post intrigued us . . . Checkit:

"Why support overseas gov’t with the purchase of “gas”? Let’s all agree Tesla’s and Leaf’s are green and faster than traditional fossil fuel cars. Bikes are self-propelled vehicles and a middle finger to over seas gov’t that support violence. Vote today against foreign governments: Buy a bike or Tesla!"

You decide . . .


  1. Most bikes are made in Heavy polluting China, aka the Corona providers . And Teslas / hybrids / electric vehicles contain rare earth minerals farmed by Chinese and Russians in Africa. The mining practices are vastly destroying our environment. So nope, not too green. Toss in exactly how do we get the power to charge a Tesla. Something mysteriously comes thru the air or is to created by burning fossil fuels. Hate when people don't get the obvious. They just shut down Fantasyland due to Corona.

  2. ^^^^ It must be depressing to be that stupid @6:48. How do you wake up so early to spread that kind of idiocy.

    Here's how you charge a Tesla: A plug.

    Try harder next time, genius.

  3. ^^^^^ what a dumb ass ^^^^^^

  4. And here's how you power a car: get a pump handle.

  5. ....Pump don't work...cause a vandal stole the "HANDLE"!

    .........Bob Dylan-1961

  6. @7:22, creating the electricity to flow through that plug uses fossil fuel (not like the "plug" your boyfriend uses on you).
    See, post dumbassed remarks on Tony's and you can learn something.


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