Kansas City Faith Blogging Coronavirus

This town's most prolific scribe on the subject of faith and morals shares this important glimpse at BIG QUESTIONS during a healthcare crisis. Checkit:

What does religion tell us about pandemics?

In this caronavirus pandemic, let's think a little about the relationship between religion and sickness. They have a long history together. There's even a 2016 book called Religion and Illness. Among the connections between the two: Religion helps people make...


  1. Byron Funkhouser3/18/20, 5:48 AM

    We can't have a rational conversation with people who believe in magic, & magical beings.

    It's way past time we put away these childish things.

  2. Yet people believe in promoting butt fucking in every place one looks and spreading aids. Weird

  3. Byron posting this early means he is out of money for the rest of the month. He won’t get his next welfare check for two weeks.

  4. 5:48 and yet Byron thinks everything started with a Big Bang, but don't ask for rational proof of that.

  5. I thought Bill Tammeus retired. Was that just another lie?

  6. ^^^ the article is actually an attack on God, but presented as "just questioning". But we are all supposed to sacrifice and love one another...even though his real philosophy is Darwinian Survival of the Fittest.

  7. Actually God is laughing his ass off at the antics of the "Sea Monkeys" floundering around in the jar on his dresser.
    That is, until he gets tired of watching them and flushes the whole thing down the toilet!

  8. Re/ 7:19-
    He did retire. Then started writing again. Writes then unwrites.

    Same people who put up a paywall- take it down- up down down up.

    It all ego and directionless motion.

    I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

  9. Bill does great work. I like his stuff and I'm glad this blog links it. Just wish there weren't so many haters.

  10. ^^^ yeah. The trouble is, Bill is one of the haters...especially of Catholics and Israel.


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