Kansas City Eulogy For 'Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club' After Weekend Inferno

This note is better than most and offers MUSIC INSIDER PERSPECTIVE ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS VENUE as Midtown loses one more part of its history. Take a look:

Part "Dive", Part Sanctuary-Why Davey's Uptown Is an Epic Loss For Musicians and Fans - In Kansas City

Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club was known as an essential music venue and unpretentious dive bar. And it was proud of both reputations. But to musicians in Kansas City, Davey's was something else: a music hub; a sanctuary; an incubator; a stepping-stone and rite-of-passage. Saturday morning, fire swept through the building near 34th and Main streets,...


  1. It was a nice joint, ton of good bands. Too bad they don't rebuild.

  2. ^^No you didn't geezer. They don't put up with degenerate geezer alkies like you!

    1. Oh Chimpy. They never let you out of your little monkey cage. So jealous!


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