Kansas City Dumping Ground Outcry

Another community waits for the city and property owners to clean up a longstanding mess . . . Here's a good look at a tragic situation that plays out far too often in many local neighborhoods. Checkit:

Neighbors plea for city's help to clean up dump site

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some people have started dumping their trash along the curb of an east side neighborhood, and homeowners want the city to help them stop it now. Those who live nearby claim if nothing is done at 37th Street and Mersington Avenue, the situation soon may get out of control.


  1. "out of control very soon"
    Look around you stupid. The East side has been out of control for 60 years.

  2. Its just a reflection of culture. People dumping shit everywhere because its convenient for them, better the trash on the street than in my car. We are just a bunch of selfish motherfuckers.

    As for the residents, they should be out there cleaning up the trash themselves, on a daily basis instead of waiting on the gubmit to swoop in and wipe their ass.

    Its about having pride in your culture, white pride, black pride, (gay pride?) whatever it is, have pride and pick up your shit!

  3. See people throw shit out daily. No pride POS's.

  4. Just dump all the junk into the potholes in the streets.
    Both problems solved!
    Someone call smiley selfies Lucas right away.
    He's awaiting your call!

  5. Those people dump their trash where evar they feel like because they know if they bitch enough the city will clean it up.... for free

  6. The whole hood looks like this,

  7. They don't call them White Trash for nuthin'.

  8. Really most of KC looks like a third world shithole.

    Look at how much trash is on the side of every highway around town, even through the so-called nicer areas of town.

  9. Sly James Renaissance

  10. Should make criminals pick that trash up. Instead we are worried about giving them cells and internet service.

  11. 5:11 if you think that neighborhood is WT I've got some kind you might be interested in.

  12. I wouldn't want to live there. Mayor Selfie needs to take a picture. He needs to cease the fake budget circus and focus on issues of the city. The "arts money" was a charade at best. The damn "revisions" were written prior to the publication of the budget.


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