Saturday, March 21, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus News Collection

Some snarky headlines where appropriate along with links to good info; Here's our latest glimpse at some of the most important and recent local COVID-19 news . . .

More Kansas City Tech Hopes To Fight Spread Of COVID-19

Transportant turns school buses into mobile WiFi hotspots, sack lunch delivery amid COVID-19

With school closings pouring in nationwide, Transportant customers are looking to use the startup's bus tech platform - which uses video-based technology to allow students, parents and school administrators to better monitor school buses - in ways it was never intended, John Styers said.

Local Coronavirus Price Check

Kansas, Missouri AGs cracking down on price gouging after getting dozens of complaints

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A $10,000 fine: That's what price-gougers could be facing in Kansas for every item they sell. It's a big fine for a big problem, and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said he's not afraid to use it. Schmidt said cleaning supplies top the list of the most popular items targeted by greedy sellers.

Kansas City Need Cash To Cope With Pandemic

KC lawmakers weigh ideas to aid communities 'economically bludgeoned' by coronavirus

Lawmakers are preparing to pass a $1 trillion bill to help businesses and workers cope with the financial strain of the coronavirus crisis. But how much money, who gets it and how it is distributed all remain unresolved issues. Rep.

Kansas City Home Help

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac offer help to homeowners in COVID-19 crisis

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two of the country's best-known mortgage lenders want to help people to keep their homes. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both released statements on Wednesday detailing help they will offer borrowers. The effects of the COVID-19 crisis have meant workers have lost jobs and the paychecks that go with them.

Local Testing Ruckus

Woman says her parents were turned away from testing

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- The state of Kansas could run out of coronavirus tests by the end of this weekend, leaving private labs to continue COVID-19 testing in the state for now. Today, the KDHE Secretary said the state of Kansas has about 300 tests left.

High-Flying Fam Shut Down

Brother, sister from KC area stranded in Peru by COVID-19

There are more American trapped abroad, stranded by COVID-19.For a brother and sister from the Kansas City area, it was dream trip to Machu Picchu with a jam-packed schedule to celebrate a college graduation. Then everything shut down.

Tigers Take Test

2 University of Missouri employees diagnosed with coronavirus

COLUMBIA, MO (KCTV) -- Two University of Missouri employees have tested positive for COVID-19. According to a statement from the university, both employees immediately quarantined themselves. They are recovering at home and are being cared for by their physicians. Health officials are working to identify anyone who might have recently been in contact with the two.

Kansas Teachable Moment

Why Kansas Child Care Advocates Say Day Care Centers Should Stay Open During Pandemic

With all Kansas public schools ordered closed to slow the Coronavirus pandemic, some people are questioning why child care centers remain open. One teacher at a private Johnson County preschool told KCUR that she thought keeping preschools and child care centers open didn't make sense.

KCPD Traffic Crackdown Lightens Up Amid Coronavirus

Kansas City police will stop some parking enforcement because of coronavirus

Fewer parking violations will be penalized in Kansas City while the state of emergency issued in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic is in effect, police announced Friday. The Kansas City Police Department's parking enforcement efforts will focus primarily on safety-related violations, the department posted on Twitter.

Drilling Down On COVID-19

Local dentists limit patients during COVID-19 pandemic

RAYTOWN, MO (KCTV) -- Some jobs just can't operate more than 6 feet away from another person. One good example is your dentist's office. There are still clinics seeing patients, but COVID-19 is making for empty waiting rooms. Take Dr. Tim Goodheart's clinic in Raytown where it's been a quiet week.

Southland Biz Endures

Who's open, who's not and who has the best deals at Red Bridge Shopping Center

The news of shut downs and cancellations are happening so quickly it's hard to know what is open, what is closed. Lane4 Property Owners has released a list to help the Red Bridge community keep track of what businesses are open, closed and those offering special services and a sweet deal.

KCMO State Review

New coronavirus cases in KC brings city's total to 12, officials say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Health Department confirmed Friday there are now 12 positive cases of coronavirus in the city. Six of the patients are men, and six are women, all ranging in age from their 20s to 60s.

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  1. KC is doing all it can at this point. Time for Nancy And Don to have a talk and figure this crap out.

  2. ^^^Why your health care isn't their priority. Remember when you idiots let Obama deal with it?

  3. ^^I do. We got healthcare for all. Now?? Not so much.

  4. ^^No you got free health care paid for by others.

  5. KC Metro Homicides - 45
    Corona Virus - 1

    Vegas has KC Metro Homicides -16 1/2 for the year.

    Should be a big summer for the Homicides.

  6. The total, global, death toll of Coronavirus is now around 6500,or as Planned Parenthood calls it, a slow Tuesday.

  7. It appears Sleepy Joe Biden is losing a lot of voters in New York and California.

    Shows how stupid "Boomer Hater" is as he has been saying and wishing Coronavirus will take out the Boomers who he says are Trump supporters.

    Boomer Hater apparently does not know how to research or interpret data. He must lack simple math skills.

  8. 10:00 nice one.

  9. ^^^And yet Sleepy Joe is now favors in all polls to win the Presidency over Dementia Donnie. Weird.

  10. 9:58 we still have free health care paid for by others. How many shot up ghetto rats do you suppose carry major medical insurance? But we still pay to have them scraped off the street, transported by expensive ambulance to an expensive ER, where they will be treated and allowed to convalesce in an expensive hospital room.

  11. 10:19 - And yet, those same polls had Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election; Weird.

  12. When the citizenry climb out of their Corona Virus bomb shelters and see the ecomonic damage wrought by the Democrat Party controlled, fear-mongering media, and Democrats like Pelosi, Schummer etc. ; our boy Donnie will win in a landslide.

    MAGA 2020 - 2024

  13. ^^^And yet when all those people ask the simple question of “are you better off than you were fours ago?” We’ll get used to saying President Biden.

  14. Hey many babies did your god kill today?.......
    Answer: millions and millions....and birth defects, miscarriages, stillbirths...
    your god causes these things......
    And then there's the virus "he" has blessed us gotta love this one..
    So, you go and pray to your god and see where it goes from there.......
    But my 'god', rational thinking, and fact based logic will put an end to your
    god's 'blessings'.... and hopefully your god too...........

  15. Can you imagine the thieving idiot biden on the throne. The worthless leftist has never had a job,never done one fucking thing in 40 years of feeding at the public watering hole kinda like his Marxist idols clinton and obama of coarse neither one of those worthless pieces of shit ever had a job either sound familiar

  16. Sleepy Joe Biden took a $1 million in bribes from the Ukrainian Gas Company, Burisma. Imagine the bribes Hunter and he will receive as President.

  17. ^^^Dementia Donnie got by for decades pretending to be a Successful business man while bankrupting his companies and grifting his way through life. How has that worked for us while he’s been President?

  18. After everyone watches the corona virus shit-show response going on in Democrat Party controlled New York and California with open borders and sanctuary cities; major MAGA 2020 landslide.

    President Trump was elected because Americans want secured borders. Democrats fought his efforts to secure American borders with "Sanctuary" cities and now we are witnessing the repercussions to California and New York.

  19. Dick Schummer is on the Senate floor advocating that all hospitals be government controlled now and in the future. That is China's health care model. Another step to communism proposed by the Democrats.

  20. 11:16 - Donald Trump's multi-generational family built an international business worth $billions. His father started the business from scratch.

    You on the other hand seek government handouts and taking from those of us who work. You are a lazy sloth. Except you throw arrows at those of us who work and support your slovenly, Democrat Party ways.

  21. ^^^and yet Trump managed turn the 400 million loan from his daddy into less than 20 million while working in New York real estate nonetheless. Weird.

  22. ^^^ it’s still 20 million more than you’ll evar see, welfare pays good but no where near that! Hahaha!

  23. "11:16 - Donald Trump's multi-generational family built an international business worth $billions. His father started the business from scratch."

    Oh, please. Trump's grandfather was a lowlife that Germany would not allow to return. His father was a war and VA/FHA profiteer who attracted the attention of prosecutors during the Eisenhower administration. (Take a look at The fun starts on page 395 and goes through page 420.)

    And the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  24. Sure, but is anyone concerned how the jews are handling this, they are the most aggrieved of anyone's in their dna.

  25. 12:24 oh sure, the Washington post wrote that article, ya ya I believe every word of it I sure do...... zzzzzzzzzzz

  26. Yet 54 % of the Corona cases are NOT Boomers, but rather the snot nose Queer kids. Weird

  27. WASH YOUR HANDS !! Don't hang in Westport and skip the free van ride.

  28. Hey 4:45: It's not an article. It's Congressional testimony. You've got plenty of time now, and it's only 25 pages. You can do it. Have faith!



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