Friday, March 13, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus News Cleanup

In the aftermath of a Kansas City "State Of Emergency" declared, the news is all COVID-19 right now and so we don't want to crowd this space with repetitive info. Instead, we offer one MEGAPOST in order collect, compile and offer a convenient way for local newshounds to catch-up . . . With respect to travel ban exuded and inspiring Brit hottie Lucy and her bright, shining example of cleanliness even if just about every grocery store is out of disinfectant right now . . .

Cowtown Shut Down

State of emergency issued for Kansas City, Missouri, Jackson County


Justice Amid COVID-19

Circuit Court judge in Jackson County suspends jury trials

JACKSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) - On Thursday night, the presiding judge of the 16th Circuit Court in Jackson County ordered the suspension of jury trials from March 16 through March 27, as well as other hearings that involve bringing in a large number of people.

Keeping Students Safe

Some KC area schools start spring break early due to coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some Kansas City area schools are taking action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Barstow School confirmed a person related to a faculty member tested positive for coronavirus. The school told 41 Action News that the patient did not come into contact with students or any other faculty or staff member.

Kangaroos Sent To Internets

UMKC suspending in-person classes to address coronavirus spread

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - The University of Missouri - Kansas City is the latest institution to decided to suspend in-person classes in the wake of the spread of COVID-19. In a letter sent Thursday afternoon, Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal said students would have Friday off at UMKC to give faculty a chance to prepare online coursework.

Kansas City Can't Visit Granny

Kansas City area nursing homes ask visitors to stay away

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Nursing homes in the Kansas City metro are asking visitors to stay away. John Knox Village in Lee's Summit is one of several nursing facilities that has recently tightened restrictions due to concerns over COVID-19. The nursing facility has limited access down to one entrance and is screening people who come into the facility.

Corporate Health Crackdown

Third Black & Veatch worker being monitored for coronavirus; no confirmed cases

Note: The Kansas City Star and McClatchy have lifted the paywall on this developing story, providing critical information to readers. To support vital reporting such as this, please consider a digital subscription.

1st Responder Precaution

1 KCK firefighter under self-quarantine after transporting patient who had COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- KCTV5 News has confirmed that at least one firefighter is under self-quarantine tonight after transporting an individual who ultimately died of COVID-19. KCKFD Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Hendin said that the firefighter was involved in transporting a Wyandotte County man to the hospital.

Show-Me Another Case

Gov. Parson confirms Missouri's second case of coronavirus, located in Springfield

Watch Governor Parson's news conference from Springfield at 6 p.m. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Gov. Mike Parson has confirmed that Missouri now has its second case of "presumptive positive" coronavirus. Parson said the case is based in Springfield, but has not provided any more information at this time.

Jail Time Out

Missouri Department of Corrections suspends visits for 30 days

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KCTV) -- On Thursday, the Missouri Department of Corrections said that they are suspending visits at state correctional centers for 30 days due to COVID-19. "While no cases have been diagnosed in Missouri correctional centers, adopting good practices, like those recommended by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, can help stop the spread of all communicable illnesses," the Missouri DOC said.

Locals Testing For Coronavirus

Local lab to begin testing for COVID-19 with same-day results

A local lab has received the green light from the Food and Drug Administration to begin testing for COVID-19 and it is able to process a thousand samples a day. KMBC's Brian Johnson was one of the few visitors granted access into Viracor Eurofin's lab in Lee's Summit.

Kansas Warn Against Sickening Scammers During Harsh Times

KDHE says scam texts about coronavirus are being sent to Kansans

TOPEKA, KS (KCTV) -- The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says spam text messages about coronavirus are being sent to Kansans. The KDHE said the false scam texts claim to announce confirmed cases of COVID-19 at different hospitals. For current case counts, visit

Fewer Library Resources To Protect Against Coronavirus

Kansas City Public Library's North-East branch removes access to public computers until March 31

The Kansas City Public Library North-East branch will be removing its eight public computers from its interim location as a preventative measure against the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The computers will be removed until March 31 at which time the library staff will reassess the situation to determine if the computers can be returned.

Students Now Parked In Front Of Computer Screens

Park University switches to online classes due to COVID-19

PARKVILLE, MO (KCTV) - Park University is moving entirely to online classes in an effort to quell the spread of coronavirus. On Monday, all face-to-face and blended classes at Parkville University will move online. This affects both the Missouri and Arizona campuses.

Second Chance Degree Delay

JCCC students react to 3-week long campus closure

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Johnson County Community College is one of many schools closing campus and moving classes online. Thursday's announcement left some students worried about the extra time off. Campus will close Saturday and stay that way for three weeks. Campus will be closed while students are on spring break from March 14 through March 22.

Local Super Heros Should Enter Fortress Of Solitude

Planet Comicon postpones Kansas City event

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Planet Comicon Kansas City announced Thursday afternoon that they will be canceling their event next weekend. This comes after Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced a State of Emergency declaration in Kansas City Under the proclamation, all events with more than 1,000 attendees within the city are canceled.

Legislator Galvin Wants Locals Away From County Meetings For Now

COVID-19 Message From Jackson County Legislator Chairman Theresa Cass Galvin

March 12, 2020 Today, Jackson County Legislature Chairman Theresa Cass Galvin announced that to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19 she asks citizens and county associates to not attend the county legislative meeting on Monday, March 16 unless you have business that needs to be addressed by the legislature.

Coping With COVID-19 Stress

How to manage OCD and anxiety amid the coronavirus

COVID-19, a new form of coronavirus, is dominating the news.

Old School Cher Stays Home

Cher postpones entire 'Here We Go Again Tour' including Kansas City stop at Sprint Center

by: FOX 4 Newsroom Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Cher has postponed all of the concerts in her "Here We Go Again Tour" amid coronavirus concerns, including her stop at the Sprint Center. The change is effective immediately. The concert, originally scheduled for April 18, has been moved to Oct.

Snake Saturday Shut Down

Brookside, Leavenworth cancel St. Patrick's Day parades

(KCTV) -- The St. Patrick's Day parades that were set to happen in Leavenworth, Kansas, and the KCMO neighborhood of Brookside have been canceled. The city of Leavenworth decided on Thursday to cancel the parade after consulting with the county's health department, police officers, and firefighters.

Kansas City Cancellation List

List of Kansas City events canceled due to coronavirus

Kansas City is under a State of Emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak. All large events are cancelled. Here is a complete list.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess we really aren't better off then we were 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Thanks to the Chinese (and the liberals who view this as an opportunity more than a pandemic)

KC Voter said...

Harry Truman said "the buck stops here" and Trump shouldn't be asking for mercy when he never gave any other president the benefit of the doubt. If he can't take the heat, he should resign.

chuck said...

res ipsa loquitur

If there was any real justice in the world, there would be 13,743 miles worth of crime scene tape strung around the ongoing criminal enterprise known as Communist China. Forensics experts would be busy gathering information of the malfeasance, obstruction and cover up of the ongoing World Wide tsunami of Involuntary Manslaughter that began in Wuhan and is at this very minute, killing citizens throughout most every nation on earth.

The repeating palimpsest for this latest atrocity is only 6 months old. We are no better than pigs to the Chinese, who represent an economic potential that is apparently, as far as our politicians, captains of industry and media believe, is worth far more than your dead grandparents. The African swine flu, which killed off 25% of the world's pigs, spun wildly out of control when the Communist government at first ignored, then suppressed information which would have allowed the containment of the plague. Sound familiar?

Repeated verification equals, at some point, to even the most obtuse, "porcine" observers, verifiable belief. China is a giant, reeking, mephitic, diseased and necrotic Petri dish, where unimaginable horrors are, even now, growing, nascent and ready to strike once again into the heart of the Occident. We didn't change the Chinese with Capitalism and they didn't change us with Communism, they just bought us out. Now, literally hooked on Chinese drugs, Oxycontin, cheap labor and unfulfilled promises of future wealth, we will, once again, look the other way as our neighbors and families sicken and die in order to maintain the "status quo" that allows politicians to drop by and pick up a quick billion for a few winks and nods.

Where is the contagion of blame to match the literal contagion? The 4th estate, in their Pavlovian, dog-like IQ response, predictably rolls out the usual Trump Tacitus Trap and assigns responsibility to the president for the economic tectonic shifts over the last 30 years which were authored by the very Globalists he seeks to thwart. The Deep State Politicians who make bank on that same status quo are rubbing their hands together gleefully and hoping against hope for a deep recession. The febrile minds running Big Tech are as sickened and fevered as your gravely ill relatives and seek to bend us all to the will of the Progressive Narrative and "Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste". Their efforts to stifle and eliminate information that reveals the honest efforts of the administration to fight the outbreak, while emphasizing and highlighting every real and perceived failure are counterproductive and as misleading as the propaganda you would expect in China.

Trump did not commit these millions of crimes. China committed these crimes and China should be in the dock and if not remanded into custody, then at least reprimanded, fined and punished for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Edgewood nursing home in Raytown is blacking ALl visitors for any reason. Rude and abusive response to questions. What is going on there?

Anonymous said...

7:20 plus 1000...hey Kansas City Atheist Coalition, now we know what crimes an officially atheistic government will commit when it has the power. Officially Atheistic governments have killed Millions when they had the power, and they WON'T STOP.'s time to put a stop to your propaganda.

Anonymous said...

@7:21-Hey dummy-they don't want unhygienic bastards like you bringing the Coronavirus to susceptible old folks who can't fight the virus. Are you really that dumb?

chuck said...

You can click your Ruby Slippers together all you want and pretend it is Trump's fault, just like you can pretend if you're Progressive and have a dick that you are a girl, but it won't change a fuckin thing.

The Chinese Communists released this pestilence on the world and it is killing people every minute of every day. P.E.R.I.O.D.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Chuck is hijacking every thread & making it all about him.

Old men should have a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Chuck's scared. He should be. He's susceptible to the virus and likely knows this is it for him.

Anonymous said...

^^ Idiots like you should too.

chuck said...

Byron, if ANY motherfukka on the planet has time for a "hobby" it would be an indolent, Progressive parasite like you who sits on his ass all day every day on the tax payer's dime.

Anonymous said...

^^Go to work you lazy bastard! Those biscuits aren't going to make themselves! Idiot Boomer.

Anonymous said...

Have you stopped by the nursing home in Raytown yet, Byron? Ya sick bastard.

Anonymous said...

bLIEron better be scared, if the gubmint shuts down he doesn’t get any welfare money so.....

Anonymous said...

^^neither do you Boomer so...

MDSF said...

......So 7:26....Why is your god doing this to us?...........
What kind of god does this to it's 'noble minions"?
Maybe Ken Hamm's got an answer...........I see they're putting oarlocks
on the "boat".....down in Kentuk'........

Anonymous said...

But Chimpy! You are not allowed biscuits!