Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Evening Roundup

Worthwhile news items from around the metro as the local COVID-19 numbers continue to rise and locals work to meet the challenges of pandemic impact . . .

Kansas City Collects Foodie 'Shelter In Place' Assistance

From donations to loans, relief will keep Kansas City nonprofits running

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The number of calls from people looking for help continues to climb at the Community Assistance Council in Kansas City, Missouri. The group is the only social services agency based in the south side of the city.

Kangaroo COVID-19 Confirmation

UMKC says student tests positive for COVID-19

The University of Missouri-Kansas City announced Wednesday that one of its students has tested positive for COVID-19.Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal posted a letter saying that the university was informed Wednesday of the student's positive test.Agrawal said the student does not live on campus and is being treated in isolation.

Suits Help COVID-19 Fight

KC business leaders come together in fight against coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fifty-thousand more test kits are now in Kansas City thanks to a group of a half-dozen CEO's who are giving back to a city that has given so much to them. Nathanel Hagedorn, CEO of NorthPoint Development, assembled a dream team of business leaders from Tradebot Systems, U.S.

Local Senior Center Coronavirus Positive Test

Employee at Kansas City senior living center tests positive for COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) - An employee of the McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff in Kansas City has tested positive for the coronavirus. A spokesperson for the senior living community confirmed the positive est. Residents, families and staff members at the community were made aware of the situation have reported to the appropriate agencies.

Securing Kansas City Shelter Amid Coronavirus

Renters, homeowners concerned about being able to make payments

Renters and homeowners are concerned about being able to make payments during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Check The Big Deal

READ: Senate bill containing historic $2 trillion coronavirus relief stimulus package

Senate leaders unveiled their 880-page bill late Wednesday night containing a historic $2 trillion package to provide a jolt to a US economy struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, capping days of marathon negotiations that produced one of the most expensive and far-reaching measures Congress has ever considered.

Precautions Pay Off

New York: Cuomo says early signs show coronavirus distancing may be working

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has said officials are seeing very early signs that physical distancing may be starting to slow the spread of coronavirus in his state, but cautioned that the number of cases is still rising significantly and hospitals would soon be overwhelmed.

GOP Stimulus Objections

A handful of Senate Republicans think the coronavirus stimulus is too generous to workers

A handful of Senate Republicans think the unemployment insurance provided in the coronavirus stimulus is too generous to laid-off workers - and they're now pushing an amendment that could cap it. It's a move that could further delay the passage of the $2 trillion package, which senators and the White House negotiated in marathon sessions over five days to providerapid financial relief for workers, small businesses, and affected industries.

Help With Worker Relief

How to file for unemployment in Kansas, Missouri

The coronavirus is ripping through the economy. The signs are everywhere.Missouri's latest unemployment numbers may come out Thursday. The state said the best way to apply for unemployment is online at the Department of Labor. "It's easy to file for unemployment. Just go to

Quickie Carryout Debuts

QuikTrip now offers 'on-lot pickup,' bringing order right to your car in KC and nationwide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - QuikTrip is now delivering your favorite soda, snack and more right to your car in the parking lot. That's right. When you're at the gas pump or don't have time to go inside, you can get your QT order brought to your car.

Hobos Earn More Local Help From Kansas City Faithful

Nonprofit organizations are stepping up to serve the homeless in KC during COVID-19 outbreak


Creative Class Works To Help Fight Against Coronavirus

Sew you want a fight? Makers across KC mobilize mask production to slow COVID-19 spread - Startland News

Editor's note: The following is part of Startland News' ongoing coverage of the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Kansas City's entrepreneur community, as well as how innovation is helping to drive a new normal in the ecosystem. Click here to follow related stories as they develop.

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Free money for EVERYBODY!

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Man, that's a whole lot of info the FBI released on an agent involved shooting. Last month they fatally shot a guy in the building across the street from my house (Alcazar Apts) and would only say they were executing a warrant. It took them four days before they released his identity.

They locked the entire block down for over 14 hours, wouldn't let residents enter or exit their homes.

Anonymous said...

This thing about rent, landlords and tenants was the first thing talked about during this mess. Why is this even news now? Pay attention people and stop acting like stupid whiners. You're going to get help!

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^^^That’s rich. Coming from a stupid whiner on a blog for dying geriatrics. Really rich.

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^^ You'll get old someday, unless you catch the virus which would be apropos. You can look up what it means later junior.

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Have Killer City's gangbangers mostly quit shooting each other because of the Trump Plague? Not seeing the usual dozen or two killing per week in this blog lately.