Kansas City Coronavirus Catholic Shut Down

The Church looks to protect the faithful. Here's their announcement today . . . Read more:

Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph suspends all public masses due to COVID-19

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph announced Monday that it is suspending all public masses and it has granted dispensation to Catholics from attending Sunday Mass."The faithful are encouraged to celebrate Sunday as a domestic church by taking time to pray together as a household," the diocese said in a release.The diocese said priests are encouraged to livestream masses celebrated in the parish, using social media.


  1. Remember a family that prays together stays together.

  2. George Carlin3/16/20, 7:27 PM

    Yeah, gawd's workin on this thingy. First, he needs to find the snake and apple. The ark in Kentucky is taking reservations.

  3. Wish god would stop with the birth defects and still births.
    And this damn virus!..........
    .....FUCK the anti-vaxers! Let'm lick doorknobs.............


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