As always, to start we want to direct readers to the KCMO Coronavirus site that features numbers to call and a roundup of the situation from the perspective of 12th & Oak.

More importantly . . .

Here are THE TKC TOP 21 relevant local & national Coronavirus news links we want to share today . . .

KC COVID-19 Health Check

Coronavirus in Kansas City: The latest resources and how to keep your family safe

Here you can get the latest information on the coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Kansas City and resources to be prepared and keep your family safe.CONFIRMED COVID-19 CASESKansas: 11, 1 deathMissouri: 9FULL LISTSList of local schools, universities closed or shifting to online classesList of large event cancellations, postponements SHOULD YOU SEE A DOCTOR?Have you traveled outside the U.S.

Kansas City Q & A

FAQ: What You Need To Know As The Coronavirus Hits The Kansas City Metro

The number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus being diagnosed in Kansas and Missouri is going up, and one elderly man in Wyandotte County has died from the disease. It's likely that more people have COVID-19 than have been tested in either state, and if you're not practicing social distancing yet, you should.

Kansas City Service Industry Fights For Survival Amid Coronavirus Shut Down

Kansas City metro restaurants prepare for challenge of no customers thanks to COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A move by metro governments to close dining in local restaurants and bars will have a big impact on the people who work inside those businesses and count on tips to pay their bills. After 12:01 a.m.

Last Days Of Westport

Amid dire warnings of coronavirus, some head to Kansas City bars ahead of shutdown

Westport’s typically bustling streets were mostly empty late Monday as Kansas City braced for a dramatic ban on gatherings in response to the new coronavirus.

Prez Trump Champions Coronavirus Economic Stimulus

White House eyes massive $850B stimulus package next, as Senate moves on latest coronavirus bill

White House officials and congressional lawmakers are signaling they will attempt to push through a third coronavirus spending package worth hundreds of billions of dollars even as the Senate works to move along the more modest second relief bill that focuses on leave for workers and expedited testing for the disease officially known as COVID-19.

Pandemic Survey Seyz?!?!

Poll: Most Americans don't trust Trump on coronavirus information

Few Americans trust President Donald Trump when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey, and less than half of respondents believe the federal government is taking sufficient steps to combat the public health crisis.

Coronavirus Sickens Economy

Coronavirus restrictions pit businesses against city officials

A clash between the mayor of Washington, D.C., and a restaurant group over the city's ban on large gatherings is highlighting the tensions between government officials and businesses as the coronavirus outbreak disrupts life across the country. When D.C.

Embattled Prez Trump White House Transmits Talking Points

White House Privately Backchannels Its Coronavirus Messaging to Conservative Social-Media Influencers

As the coronavirus has worsened, members of the task force President Donald Trump has assigned to combat the pandemic have reached out to prominent conservative social media "influencers" and right-wing TV and radio stars to offer them private briefings and information sessions with Vice President Mike Pence and other top administration officials, The Daily Beast has learned.

Economic Health Debate Ensues

Tucker Carlson: Shutting Down Economy Poses 'Its Own Kind Of Public Health Risk'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson struck a balanced approach between epidemiologists who would argue for shutting everything down to fight the coronavirus pandemic and those concerned that an economic recession and even depression could pose "its own kind of public health risk."

Toilet Training For Scarcity

Toilet paper makers: 'What we are dealing with here is uncharted'

Companies that make toilet paper are stunned and scrambling to adjust to the sudden spike in demand triggered by the coronavirus outbreak.

Kansas City Y Closed For Now

YMCA of Greater Kansas City closes all centers because of COVID-19 outbreak

The YMCA of Greater Kansas City announced all centers will temporarily close at 3 p.m.

Pandemic Lesson Plan

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Orchestrates Metro School Closings To Stem Coronavirus

Most Kansas City area schools will close until at least April 3 in line with a nationwide shutdown aimed at curbing the spread of the new coronavirus. Kenny Southwick, who heads a coalition of districts in the metro area, said schools would remain closed until Mayor Quinton Lucas lifts his state of emergency.

Kansas City, Kansas COVID-19 Checkup After Fatality

Official: 85 negative results, 25 pending in COVID-19 tests from KCK care facility

The director of health for Wyandotte County, Kansas, said testing is underway for other patients and staff members linked to the KCK nursing home where a man reportedly contracted COVID-19.A man in his 70s died at a hospital last week after seeking help for cardiac issues.

Another Metro Suburban School District Shuts Down

Lee's Summit R-7 Schools announce they will be closed through April 3

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) - Lee's Summit R-7 Schools announced Tuesday they will be closed starting March 23, 2020. Lee's Summit Schools posted a tweet stating R-7 schools will close from Monday, March 23, 2020 through Friday, April 3, 2020.

Cass Copes With COVID-19

Cass County reports presumptive-positive case of COVID-19

The Cass County Health Department announced Monday that it has a presumptive-positive case of COVID-19 in the county.Health officials said the case is in Drexel and the patient is currently in home isolation.

BBQ Offers Safer Options

Joe's Kansas City offering curbside delivery to encourage social distancing during COVID-19 outbreak

A Kansas City BBQ institution is making changes because of COVID-19.Joe's Kansas City announced Monday that all three locations will be offering curbside pickup. The moves will allow folks craving a Z-Man to get their fix while still practicing social distancing. "Just call in your order," Joe's said in a post on social media.

New Rules For Hosptials

HCA Midwest Health to control visitor access

KANSAS CITY , Mo. - HCA Midwest Health will restrict access at its facilities to protect patients, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff. The new rules begin Tuesday, according to a news release from the company. HCA Midwest Health will restrict all non-essential visitors.

Old School Locked Down

Senior center closed over COVID-19 concerns plans to continue serving meals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Don Bosco Center for Seniors plans to continue serving hot meals to clients despite closing their building over COVID-19 concerns. The center, located at 580 Campbell St. in Kansas City, Missouri, closed on Monday, March 16. The closure means clients won't be able to socialize and eat meals inside.

KCMO Shut Down Compilation

FULL LIST: Schools, universities cancel face-to-face classes due to coronavirus concerns

Local school districts and universities have canceled face-to-face classes or started spring break early due to coronavirus concerns.This is a running list and will be updated. Baker University: Baker is on spring break from March 16-20.

Local Mental Health Check

What you can do to stay mentally healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fears about the coronavirus pandemic are taking a toll on some people's mental health, but if you're struggling, there is help available. Monica Kurz is the director of the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center. She says they have seen an increase of calls due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kansas City Suffers Doggie Style Shut Down As Well

Wayside Waifs closes animal shelter temporarily

Wayside Waifs announced Monday that it will close the animal shelter temporarily in an effort to keep people and pets healthy and safe and slow the transmission of COVID-19, the disease that causes the coronavirus.Services being suspended include pet adoption services, volunteer services, Pet Food Pantry and no public or onsite education classes, tours or visits.Wayside Waifs said it will post updates to its website and social media.

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  1. Killing local business isn't going to save anyone from this disease.

    1. ^^^ PEOPLE before profits.

  2. Why is City Hall having committee meetings? Mayor you want everyone else to shutdown, you need to shutdown.

  3. KCMO's finances are healthy! Shame on all of you!

  4. Blown way out of proportion by the (((MSM))). yes if you are old or sick be careful like you would anyway with a bad flu going around. No need to crash the economy for tv ratings and to try to sabotage trump.

  5. ^^^You're sort of correct and sort of wrong.

  6. 10:52 is the poster child for TDS. He (and obviously it's a he) thinks everything is about Trump, and is clearly deranged. How about this 10:52: go hang out in hospitals for the next week or two. Then you'll see how blown out of proportion this is.

  7. ^^Clearly you have not done so so STFU!

  8. Recall a couple of years ago...flu season overloaded hospitals, it happens regularly. Hospitals are designed for maximum profits and are built to be just large enough to handle the regular load. if there is a glut now it's from ppl freaked out because they have flu symptoms...the vast majority of ppl will simply get over it just like the flu. Yes, the old and infirm are at higher risk, but that is ALWAYS the case.

    Why must the ((MSM))) continue to lie about and spin every little thing into an anti-trump trump argument. Think about it...the establishment cannot let an outsider succeed, it will only show what a farce our political parties are, they can never quite get anything done, let an outsider succeed and it will blow the lid off the scam.

  9. 10:52 and 11:42 nailed it. Well said.

    If you watch the news, every sentence is a criticism of President Trump and basically blaming him for corona virus. Never, mind all of Europe and most of Asia are impacted as well.

    The Democrat Party media such as CNN instantly politicized the virus and also bear 100% for the panic and hysteria that crashed the economy, the stock market and created panic buying.

    Remember Fredo Cuomo, anchor of CNN, is Democrat New York Governor Cuomo's brother so Fredo is spreading lies to protect his brother's incompetence in New York and to undermine President Trump who was two months ahead of Cuomo and DeBlasio in addressing the spread of corona virus with a travel ban on China which the Coumo's of course accused the President of being racist with the travel ban.

    So a precedent has been established that whenever there is a virus, all schools and businesses must close or they will face legal liability god forbid someone gets sick.

  10. 11:42 is dead on the money

  11. Most folks whether Independent or Republican are blaming the media for causing mass panic and hysteria and the impact to the economy.

    What the Democrat controlled media is doing may very well back-fire on the Democrat Party come November elections.

  12. You start falsely impacting the average person's paycheck, their 401k's and their children going to school with a false narrative and it could get ugly for the Democrat Party.

  13. What you Trumpkin TDS sufferers seem blind to is the fact that Trump makes everything about himself. The terrible, scary, mean media doesn't have to do a thing. Don't believe me? Watch Fox News. It's all about Trump too.

    1. No. You make everything about Trump because of your singleminded, crazed, hateful obsession.

      Lots of us don't hate him or love him, but we're fed up with the nonstop hysteria.

  14. 1224 - ok Moshie. We will watch FOX news just for you.

  15. Whatever happened to Toni Bones?

  16. ^^More of us do hate him though, just like more us vote against him so....

  17. ^^^^Dream on Fool


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